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Welcome to USA Realism RP

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  • Hey! You! We recommend you use our launcher program to easily join without any hassle! Get our launcher at https://usarrp.net/launcher.


    We currently use a voice chat system known as "TokoVOIP". It is a well made plugin for FiveM that enables players to enjoy a significantly improved voice chat experience with full 3D positional audio support. This will replace the old voice system (which is FiveM's built in voice chat) and players can only play on the server if they have the plugin enabled.


    To enable the plugin you need to

    1) download and install the TeamSpeak application (https://www.teamspeak.com/en/downloads/)

    2) download and then install (double-click) the TokoVOIP plugin (https://github.com/Itokoyamato/TokoVOIP_TS3/releases/download/v1.5.5/tokovoip-1.5.4.ts3_plugin).


    You are now ready to start playing. To start playing

    1) open TeamSpeak

    2) click "Connections" > "Connect" and then enter usarrp as the server name (or if that doesn't work) and click "Connect".


    Once you are connected double click to join the channel named "WAITING". Now load into the server normally through FiveM and if everything is working, you will be ready to start playing like normal. You might need to click Plugins > TokoVOIP > Connect if the black screen does not go away by itself. You can still use F2 to toggle the range on your voice. Make sure to switch your in game voice chat off through the settings.


    You can mute the "user joined your channel" notification by going to Tools > Options > Notifications and setting "Sound pack" to "Sounds deactivated" then reconnecting.


    Again, the easiest way to begin is using our launcher at: https://usarrp.net/launcher.

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