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Found 2 results

  1. Leave of Absence We all know that real life always comes first, there is no question about it, and we won't tell you otherwise. However, if you are taking for example 1-2 weeks off please let us know so we can annotate that on the roster, we don't want to think that you just randomly disappeared and stopped playing so we have to end up removing you completely from the SASP. Please post a note here that you will be absent and if possible let us know when you might be back. Thanks a lot! Please use this template would be much appreciated Name: Unit-number: When you are leaving: When you are coming back: Reason:
  2. If you are going to be away or taking a break for more then 1-2 weeks then please let the Command Staff Members know this, by filling in the quick template below and letting us know. Thank you so much !! if you are not seen for a while and you have not notified any of the Command Staff about your Leave Of Absence you will be marked ''INACTIVE'' on the roster and will be taken off the EMS team. (Please use this template below) Name: P-Number: When are you leaving: When are you coming back: Reason(s):