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Found 1 result

  1. LOS SANTOS ,BLAINE COUNTY, and SAN ANDREAS STATE POLICE Pursuit Policy (LEO and Civilian) Purpose In order for both the agency and public to have a better understanding of vehicle pursuits, the following information and rules are set forth. This policy order has been signed off by Director of Emergency Services Taylor Weitman & Commissioner Sebastian Snow and shall be followed by both law enforcement and civilians. (LEO In this document stands for any LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER) Departmental Vehicle Pursuits and Civilian Rules LSPD, BCSD, and SASP Policy: 1. All LEO's operating a department issued marked police vehicle shall have both lights and sirens on while in pursuit at all times. 2. All law enforcement parties in the pursuit shall not drive with wanton disregard for the safety of the public and fellow law enforcement personnel. 3. If your vehicle collides with the following, it will be deemed disabled and you must inform dispatch and terminate yourself from the pursuit for good. Unless a fellow unit from the same pursuit happens to pick you up while the pursuit is still active. The information is as follows: A : Your vehicle collides with another vehicle head on. B : You have two or more of your vehicle tires get disabled. C : If the speeds and recklessness of the subject fleeing place your life or the public's life in immediate danger. D : If your vehicle collides with a tree, light pole, wall, building, etc. Over 40MPH. 4. You shall not repair your vehicle at any time during a pursuit. Even if the pursuit takes you through the mechanic shop and it is accidental. If that happens your vehicle will immediately be disabled and you are out of the pursuit. 5. If you are the solo unit in the pursuit you shall do your best to call out speeds, direction of travel, number of occupants, description of occupants, and vehicle description. 6. No power/meta gaming at all during pursuits. This means that just because you can see their name tag, it does not mean you have identified the driver. You cannot go after that player at a later time. However, if it is a subject with multiple prior contacts and you can identify them later without a reasonable doubt. You may ask a supervisor to issue a warrant for that individuals arrest. Example: Commissioner Snow has dealt with Mr. Long and his girlfriend multiple times, they flee in the vehicle they are known to always drive and the Commissioner is able to get a visual of the driver and passenger. They both match the description of the get away. 7. If there is an unmarked unit that calls in the pursuit and a marked unit joins the pursuit. The marked unit will take lead and over take the unmarked unit in the pursuit. 8. If you are a double unit in the pursuit, the passenger seated deputy will take charge of the callouts for the pursuit in regards to travel, speeds, description, etc. The same applies if multiple units are in the pursuit, the second vehicle in the pursuit will take command of the callouts. Civilian Policy and Rules: The rules are as follows for civilians: If your vehicle hits a wall, tree, light pole, or any other object over 40 MPH. Then it is now disabled and you can no longer flee. This also means if another vehicle hits you! However, you may get out of your vehicle and flee on foot. (BE REALISTIC! If you flip a bunch or hit a vehicle at a EXTREMELY high rate of speed you would be injured in that wreck and SHOULD NOT CONTINUE!) If you are tazed two times, or gassed and handcuffed, you are considered IN CUSTODY and can no longer flee. If you handcuffed and have NOT been tazed or hit with an impact weapon. Then YOU MAY flee until either a tazer has been deployed or an impact weapon. If you flee and get away, you may not change vehicles or clothing for 5 minutes. You MAY NOT spawn a new vehicle either for 5 minutes. However, you may steal another vehicle on the street. You may not change skin while on pursuit. You have to wait 5 minutes after the chase. AT NO TIME SHALL YOU DRIVE THROUGH A REPAIR SHOP WHILE BEING PURSUED. IF YOU DO, YOUR VEHICLE IS AUTOMATICALLY DISABLED AND YOU ARE CONSIDERED IN-CUSTODY. YOU MAY NOT FLEE ON FOOT. This applies whether accidental or not. Failure to obey this rule will result in a warning > kick > ban.