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Found 1 result

  1. Jamie

    Role Play Challenge (One Life)

    First and for most I would like to thank you for taking the interest in reading this and getting this far now let me explain this idea and challenge. There is no prize there is no correct way to complete this it is simply a way to open up and explore different routes of Roleplay to take a look at another perspective. So this challenge as the title says means that you only have one life I shall explain further down when this one life would be over. It will open our eyes to a new way to roleplay and think about what is important when roleplaying and to value not only our own lives but the people around us too as every action always has reaction. I would advise anyone that is going to take on this challenge to make a new, but with that thought in mind take a notepad whether it be physical or digital or just a post on this thread choose a character name and create a past and backstory that is more than had a rough bringing up and now wants to become the biggest drug lord write it all down and lets share with each other the ideas and thoughts. During this challenge we will follow a very small list of rules along side the rules of the server the only person enforcing these rule will be you so not following is only cheating yourself, within the rules will be the injuries that will be critical and cause the spark of life to leave the body so avoiding these will need to be in the mind to give some fear and preservation to survival. Rules You must follow all server rules at all times. Your character CAN NOT survive the following. Any amount of Gun Shot Wounds to the head will kill you. Any Gun Shot Wounds to the neck must be treated with RP within 2 minutes or it will result in death. More than 5 Gun Shot Wounds to the body (chest/back/tummy areas) will result in death. More than 3 Gun Shot Wounds to the body (chest/back/tummy areas) that are not treated with RP within 3 minutes will result in death. Over 7 Gun Shot Wounds must be treated within 5 minutes or will result in death. Any Knife injury must be treated within the 10 minutes or the result is death. Any blunt force to the head from a bat/wrench must be treated within the 10 minutes or the result is death. All minor injuries are treatable but must be treated by EMS/Police or the Hospital if not please follow the rule below and kill the character. You must always be treated by EMS/Police if you are on the countdown to re spawn timer screen there is no re spawn if you need to re spawn that is the end of the life there is no New Life Rule just death. Your character must always stick to Roleplay and be as realistic with the story you are following and make choices based on that story. The rules above are very easy to follow and are not difficult it just sets out a standard and things to avoid, following your mind to avoid these things may see you making different choices in Role Play. The more of us that try this challenge the better and the more we can all grow in Role Play together. I challenge you to try this one life style of play will you accept post below if you do accept and share your story along the way. See you all in the server I will be taking part in this challenge I shall post my information down below once I have it finished. Love you all Jamie
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