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Found 4 results

  1. BlackSketo

    I got a Random banned

    I got random banned please help. But I think it was from when I went to jail then I left and got red eyes and made me lag out. So please help I really want to play in this server still.
  2. Anyone else think the mods should be more strict with people who do bad RP/break server rules? Have had so many issues with people that break all kinds of server rules but it really doesn't seem like these people are being reprimanded for the rule breaking as much as they should. I hope we can see a new system in place that gives people a 3 strikes and your out type of deal.
  3. Klapowsky Games


    Witam chciałbym zgłosić się na EMS ale nie znam komend może ktoś mi podać komendy i gdzie mam się zgłosić?
  4. MichaelMotorcycl


    Say that you are constantly breaking the rules without even knowing it. Say that you think that no one is watching so you combat log. When you get talked to by an admin, what would happen? For my friend, he was abusing a 3rd party application without even knowing it. He was then banned with some help by his rough kick history. My friend, Matt Mahees (https://www.usarrp.net/profile/99-matt-mahees/) was banned on February 3, 2018 for "Multiple RDM & Fail RP and not valuing life kicks in the past |Reported in the past for using 3rd party communication devices | The last scene you were kidnapped, your phone was taken from you by the people who kidnapped yet your gang showed up at your location. Which means you are abusing a 3rd party communication to metagame so hard. With love dad Mandalor." None of the previous kicks had been purposeful rule breaking. By "purposeful rule breaking", I mean something like combat logging so you don't lose all of your stuff. He had only been kicked for simply not understanding instructions or rules. I do agree with Matt's kick for one reason. Kicks clearly just weren't doing it for him. In his head, it was just "Oh, guess I have to relog!" but after the ban, it was "Oh shit... now what?!" The problem with this was, it was a permanent ban. He couldn't come back unless he was accepted back. My problem with this is, he should've been banned for a week, just to make him think about what he did wrong, then come back to it later. Basically, a temp-ban. Permanent bans should only be for hackers, trolls, exploiters, cheaters, etc. People who are purposefully doing wrong. But in another perspective, I am very thankful that I had not been banned for when I had hacked to my financial advantage. Something like /tempban [ID] [months] [days] [minutes] ex. /tempban 85 1 0 0 or /tempan 15 0 0 60 or something like that. For use when a kick is just not enough. If there is only 20-30/30 players on, there will be no queue, so they will just join right back, but you can always tempban them for about 15-60 minutes.
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