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    (freddy) May come off a little scary but really he is really nice to the ones that are nice to him :)
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  1. I dont think they ever did i had a bmw the day they came out and i was never able to add anything not even tinted windows
  2. Dlorez

    Better AI Driving

    =1 this would be great now the traffic is a lot more busy it will be great to see them drive better
  3. Dlorez

    Allow people to do /swap in the prison

    Yes i agree with this having a /swap for prison would be very helpful to quickly get over to a different character i also feel like there needs to be some sort of activity inside bolingbroke to keep people entertained while inside
  4. Dlorez

    make cop cars and civ cars balanced

    Thank you chang
  5. Dlorez

    make cop cars and civ cars balanced

    XDDD to true i was talking about the mustang it hits like 180 - 185 mph but you cant put anyone in the back so we cant really patrol in it
  6. Dlorez

    make cop cars and civ cars balanced

    Yeah if you are someone that saves up and grinds that much for a 800k car you should be faster than police but its rare we have a chase where we can keep up with there cars
  7. Dlorez

    make cop cars and civ cars balanced

    exactly even bmws and other imports maybe 10 - 20 mph faster but some vehicles are like 50 - 60 mph faster
  8. Most of my time on this server is towards cop rp and recently being a cop has been super hard and not fun most police situations lead into a car chase and police cars go between 130-180 mph while civs can get a 20k car that goes 230 mph we can never keep up or compete with them ino fast cars are great fun but either police cars need to be faster to make us enjoy police chases again or civ vehicles need to be slowed down so police can do there jobs and not be left in the dust with in 5 seconds i know a lot of the people that do criminal / civ rp wont like the idea of this suggestion but police
  9. Dlorez

    Race Track

    It is a great idea but i think the street races and casino track does it, Them type of maps are for like car racing servers but if it would be cool to have
  10. Dlorez

    selling speeds

    Hunting is arguably the best way of making money in the city i feel having long selling times makes it a little balanced if you could flog all your goods of fast you will be able to get back to cassidy and fill your rvs or dunes up a lot more times which will probably have an effect on the economy people will have ridiculous money from one days work i personally think its great where it is.
  11. Dlorez

    Garages stop working

    Recently there has been times where garages stop working / go super slow for around 20-30 mins if you try pull anything out or put anything away it wont let you same with twitter if you put out a tweet it doesnt go live until like 5-10 mins later.
  12. Dlorez

    Improve strength of outlaw

    Thank you :)))
  13. Dlorez

    Improve strength of outlaw

    The outlaw is a offroad buggy that is built to take hits and roll around but this vehicle might be the worse i have ever seen when comes to strength you could tap a rock or branch and you are out. they are great fun to drive offroad but also really annoying because you have to be extremly carful in them if there is a way to make them stronger it will be great.
  14. Dlorez

    Cuff scuff

    Thank you sir i came up with it all by myself XDDDDDD
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