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  1. Johnny-Sins

    Police Weapons [Adjustment]

    did u read anything on this post before saying that cause not to be rude but dumb thing to say
  2. Johnny-Sins

    Police Weapons [Adjustment]

    pretty sure its meant to be like this, ur meant to start with taser/handgun and as the situation escalates u use a more powerful gun but yh a lot of cops jump straight to ar or smg, and guns being robbed has been spoke bout many times and wont be happening, buy a carbine for 100k at black market or rob one off a cop, whats the point in buying one then
  3. Johnny-Sins

    Bank App on Phone

    +1 would be so helpful and so much better, would be realistic aswell cause of online banking and paypal
  4. Johnny-Sins

    messages on phone

    can it be made so that once you delete a conversation it doesnt come back after you next log on because i have soooo many messages and its super annoying when i only speak to like 5 of the 50 people i have messages with
  5. Johnny-Sins

    Phone when tied up

    When is cuffs your can open your phone but you can’t use any apps on it, this should be the same for when you are tied up, will stop a lot of people sending gps to others when tied up
  6. Johnny-Sins

    Top speed bug?

    @Tora Uzu can i just say, that banshee looks fucking dope man
  7. Johnny-Sins

    money and fines

    so ur sayin IRL if a gang member gets a fine that he cant pay there and then hes gonna go to his house where his illegal money is stored and pay it, no. people store money it houses so that cops dk about it otherwise whats the point in keeping it in there
  8. Johnny-Sins

    money and fines

    so just realised i forgot to put the main point of wat im tryna say, i think it should be made so it doesnt come out of ur house money and jsut ur bank
  9. Johnny-Sins

    money and fines

    if you get a fine when arrested or ticketed and you have negative it gets taken from your house, i dont see how this should be right honestly. unless im being a dummy here, if u were fined ur saying u would go to ur house to pull out that 10k or watever out the hole in ur mattress or bottom draw to pay the fine.... u have money in ur house so it isnt delcared to police and they cant take it right... like i said i could be being a dumbass right here but thats what makes sense to me
  10. Johnny-Sins

    Monstertruck = ban

    ive only ever used it once and its fun as fuck, i get that its annoying af but drag bikes are still in the city, sanchez's are still in and so are manchez's like they are annoying af aswell but they still in
  11. Johnny-Sins

    Monstertruck = ban

    but what about the people that want to just have some fucking fun, im the one in one rn and it sbeen hilarious, im not tryna be a shit lord, not using it for robbery im just having a fucking good time and u wanna remove it cause u cant win....
  12. Johnny-Sins

    Monstertruck = ban

    i can assure u it does not just auto flip it self i found that out earlier but its there randomly so it should not be bannable IMO
  13. Johnny-Sins

    chicken factory

    i understand what your saying with this but after the second stage when they are dead they shouldnt be able to escape then
  14. Johnny-Sins

    chicken factory

    so ive just been working up at the chicken factory and i grab the chick and some escape, fair enough but then you do the next stage to get a dead carcass and then on the stages after that where they are dead then can still escape
  15. Johnny-Sins


    Don’t know if it’s already been said but IRL aren’t fast food places the place to go for work if u have a record? Could be wrong in saying that though. Also with felons not being able to work there, a lot of the time there is no one working there especially because of time difference I’ve noticed like EU time there isn’t always someone working so would be great if a felon who is there anyway could just clock on cause people are stood in parking lot and no one can work
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