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  1. U can also climb over the top unless that’s been fixed?
  2. ye we need a way to remove things that cant be removed through /seize e.g white named lockpicks, drills, rope etc
  3. This would definitely help for CID/ISU in a raid situation but I don’t exactly think it’s needed for everyday patrol as I feel it will lead to lazy evidence logging as people will just screenshot it and leave it at that whereas right now we copy and paste the MDT (or at least should be) so that CID/ISU can go into evidence and just search for the text and will make their job a lot harder if they have to go through each screenshot individually
  4. Default

    Take Items

    Ye there are a lot of whitelisted people that are still shit lords and do this among other stuff, I like the idea but but there should be limitations and rules put in place for it like only if u down them u can take there gun not just some random on the street down
  5. Ahh forgot about that, maybe it could be made so as u clock on instead of the keys to the truck u get a repair kit and then get the truck from the garage?
  6. I don’t do mechanic work but I can say I have cleared the tow yard as a cop a ridiculous amount of time, maybe a system like police/ems could be introduced where u clock in as a mechanic and then u get access to the garage for a truck, just like weazel news and their vans, this will mean the people who don’t want the truck won’t just abandon it but the people who want a truck can still easily get one
  7. Default

    Carjacking broken? Locals get right back in.

    This has been a thing for as long as I remember, I find keeping ur gun aimed at them until u are in the car usually works, or shoot them as soon as u get the keys and then drag them out the vehicle
  8. Default

    only owning 1 business at a time

    I went around robbing a lot of places and a couple names popped up a lot and IMO lucky them ig, if u want to own something then just try and get there sooner and if u don’t get it then better luck next time, u might want to own a store for easy money but this is RP not money simulator at the end of the day
  9. Default

    FearRP rule addition

    not putting hands up just increases GP>RP and makes for shit RP so +1
  10. Default

    LSIA Refueling Station

    Should get a logo on the map like other ones, I believe the brown gas tanks are plane/heli fuel points around the map unless I’m remembering wrong, one of these should definitely be added
  11. Default

    Bring back Teamspeak!!!!!

    not being able to talk tabbed out can be super annoying at times, not everyone can relate but doing police training with like training guides open in google and having to switch back and fourth constantly gets annoying, also from cop side ive noticed if in jail menu or mdt and u just slighty drag ur mouse onto other monitor not even actually tabbed out your voice doesnt work, TS IMO should definitely be brought back
  12. Default

    Prison Booking Area

    in the front building through the 1st locked door after the vending machines can be used as a 2nd booking room, rarely used but can be used if booking room is crowded, i believe no one ever has issues with being able to see in there aswell which is good
  13. Default

    Weed plants

    Will definitely check and see if they are any better though 👍👍
  14. Default

    Weed plants

    not 100% sure how much restarts affect them for mine at least, my last lot died in between resets, I watered and fed them at around 2/3pm and they were dead at 7/8pm GMT (restart is at 11.30)
  15. Default

    ATM "Withdraw $100"

    +1 would be nice if it was 1000 instead of 100
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