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    Jafari Ode Kasongo
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    Jafari moved to Los Santos from Nigeria. Jafari is from a poor family, he has 12 brothers and sisters. Jafari's mother was the provider for the family. His mother got sick, so Jafari, being the oldest of the siblings, had to take care of his mother and nurse her, while also providing for the family. Jafari wasn't making enough money to provide for his whole family. So he moved to Los Antos to get a job at Pillbox. Jafari now works as a nurse at the Pillbox Hospital in Los Santos and sends every penny to his family back in Nigeria that he makes.

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  1. Jafari


    Solution: Add timestamps and group chats to the phones.
  2. Jafari


    There's a thing called phones. All civs and gangmembers with walkie talkies just sounds stupid.
  3. special ops mukisa


  4. Jafari

    weed plants die despite being fed/watered

    Same thing happened to me. A day after I fed them and watered them, they died.
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