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Cory Lahey

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    Both Arthurs Were Raised in Alabama (Red Level, and Greenbow).
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  1. Cory Lahey

    Electric Cars and Fuel

    IMO it's fine as it is. Added realism wouldn't add to the RP. Sometimes it's best to KISS (Keep It Stupid Simple) As things are, you get the super fast acceleration of an electric car, and none of the downsides of charging it: finding a station to charge (away from home, or if you don't have a home, or if you break down), and leaving the car for hours to charge. & They go through fuel FAST, due to how quick they get up to speed. With the amount of time people spend traveling around LS, I feel like this would have a negative impact on electrics, and they'd become a rarity for c
  2. Cory Lahey

    Add a radiostation - Live Disc jockey career-

    I think it would be cool to have a radio station actually INSIDE the city like you described, but this is something that will take a lot of work, especially on the community's part. All-in-all, I do not support this idea, due to the fact running a radio station is a lot of work, and it would have to be done very well, consistently, to be a useful/entertaining resource. The scripters would have to create a radio system, which allows to queue/pause music/clips, as well as allow people to speak on the mic (and bring in callers).. I bet it's possible.. But then the community would have a big
  3. Cory Lahey

    Lets put hats on cars! -Hear me out obviously-

    -1 I believe all jobs should use an obvious "Company Vehicle" and not "whatever has wheels." I feel like having a slow taxi encourages taxi drivers to drive a little bit sensible. Taxi drivers in imports? IMO it would be less immersive to have your cab driver driving at 200mph. Even Burger Shot Delivery can have a delivery vehicle... Burger Shot Stallion. 2 doors and somewhat quick (needs no passengers, just space for food).
  4. Posted in the wrong section.... Also, you want to have screenshots of the Insurance Payment, as this is needed for the admins to verify ownership & apply refund. Template: Refund Section (Make your post here, using the template above): https://www.usarrp.net/forums/forum/72-refund-requests/
  5. Your MC is looking nice! I've run into you once or twice in the city, glad to see you guys calling LS / USARRP your home

    1. Tig Jones

      Tig Jones

      Thanks brotha, we really appreciate it. 3BMC is happy to call USARRP home.

  6. Cory Lahey

    NVL rule

    IMO, as I said, the rule itself isn't needed... Just take away the "benefits" of doing it... People will hurt themselves, if they choose to do it. Someone wants to be a gang-banger who doesn't value his life at all? Go ahead. It won't gain them anything (aside from machismo, and hospital bills). It will lose them EVERY possibility of "negotiation." Simply drawing out a scenario multiplies the possibilities, escape chances, etc. I've never seen people so willing to get hospitalized. Edit: && Animalistic survival instincts do exist. Sometimes people do amazing things in the fa
  7. Cory Lahey

    different ways of holding guns

    This would be a nice addition for immersion. Having maybe- 3 or 4 ways to aim... "LEO" "Gangsta" "Timid" "Regular" That being said, not having it doesn't take anything away from RP, and like GetFarkd said, it might be a lot of work. We have code-scripters, and asset developers working in USARRP. I'm not sure we have someone who creates animations (in the case some need to be rigged) If it's not too much work, I think it would be worth having. I enjoy seeing in some servers, gangsters with their guns sideways. The way a person holds their gun can tell you things about him/her
  8. Cory Lahey

    NVL rule

    IMO, NVL cannot be a rule in itself. Fear of Death needs to be forced, by other rules. People need to have both, an IC and OOC want to keep their character alive (or, standing). What about this: make it so we can tie the hands of an incapacitated person. And we can then run their pockets (as long as we were involved in the scenario). Then there is NOTHING TO GAIN by standing there and saying "Fuck u, shoot me." + If people were able to tie & steal from an incapacitated person, it takes away ALL benefits from allowing yourself to be downed. + Tying people who are incapacitated would al
  9. Cory Lahey

    Add licences to your ID

    +1 It doesn't make sense that someone who once had a firearm permit, boat license, and aircraft license, will always be hindered as they are stuck carrying these heavy papers.
  10. Cory Lahey

    Add a crosshair

    It's a no from me.
  11. Cory Lahey

    Player Owned and Ran ( General stores & Mechanic Shops )

    -1 I feel like we don't need more advanced businesses, we just need more specialized businesses, owned by players. It needs to be encouraged, and highlighted, as it helps RP of the business owner, and the entire server. There is nothing stopping anyone from doing business RP at a business they own in the current system. I've seen a few store-owners who liked to spend time at their stores. They made more money, because their store wasn't getting successfully robbed with them there. Actual employees can be valuable at a specialty shop, where you get unique items (Such as Franky's) but conveni
  12. You can do this RP as a gang, if you don't work together with police. Or you can do this RP as a company, if you get direction from the police and operate based on their command. I guess, if you find a cop who you can discuss it with ICly, you'd get the best answer. But simply put, yes, it is possible for you to do this. For future help like this, I recommend joining our Discord. The Support channel is very active, and will get you answers FAST.
  13. Cory Lahey

    Ratio Rule

    I'd make it more like the gang war rule. I found it pretty reasonable that if there is a breach of 2:1, there wouldn't be theft. In real life shootings, people don't stick around and pick from pockets after a shootout, they gtfo and avoid prison. Huge shootings typically happen for blood, not posessions. It is my experience that in USARRP, there are some groups who make a majority of their money from robbing other gangs. Right now some non-violent criminal money-making has been revised and nerfed (coke, & marijuana). At the same time, robbing is essentially being buffed. Not only woul
  14. Cory Lahey

    Ratio Rule

    +1 The old 1:2 ratio means, I will sometimes see as many as 12 of an enemy gang show up, realize there are only 4 of my gang there, and then they send away 4, making it a 4v8, which gives the underdog a fighting chance. Take Rule 4 from the official gang war rules on Drive Bys & Gang Wars: If the 2:1 ratio is broken, no one can take anything from another player (aggressor or defender). (This is during war only, and on turf. Meaning you are safer at war, on your own turf, than you are at Benny's on an average day) This alteration to the ratio basically allows a war to occur any
  15. Cory Lahey

    Ban the use of the n word

    My take on this. I refuse to stream because of the complexities of Twitch, and how inconsistent their moderation is. I bought my PC with the intention of streaming FiveM RP (same as my brother). Twitch Rules: I have done a little bit of research on this topic over the last 3 days (when I have spare time). It is Twitchs rules, that a streamer is responsible for any audio in their stream, and terms specifically including the N word are not to be used. That is specifically stated in their rules. That wording has no loophole to it. There is no statement on how p
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