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Why not start your law enforcement career with the Blaine County Sheriffs Office apply today and start out as a corrections officer and work all the way up to Sheriff.

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    Strong-headed men, with undying loyalty who feel empathy for the underdog. Otherwise- Two extremely different humans with contrasting vibes.

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  1. Im happy you got that VOIP figured out! I hope you find a lot of friends in this city! Stay Safe!

  2. This is a great city when you have great friends.

    Bless you Stoned Jesus! Stay safe Don'!

  3. Cory Lahey

    Text notifications

    This is fixed for me, for the past 2 weeks. How about you guys?
  4. Cory Lahey

    Scuff cars

    A SAFETY PRECAUTION: Always lock your car before you put it inside your garage! If this scuff happens to your car, this will eliminate (most of) the risk.
  5. Cory Lahey

    Falling through Pillbox

    This happened to me on ~June 22 also. It seemed it was a known issue that night. Trevor Lahey was able to help me, it seemed the only solution was to sleep off the injuries. Hopefully this gets figured out. It seemed it was one of those "the server is having a bad night" kind of issues.
  6. Cory Lahey

    Forest Needs Maintenance

    The new trees in and around Los Santos are excellent, but the way they have naturally grown isn't always perfect. Take for instance, these two particular trees on the roadway next to Paleto Bay Post Op. I drive by these trees almost daily, on my way down to the pier. One at the left, top of the hill, and one at the right, down by the fork. (The images show my vehicles, pressed against the "rogue hitboxes") The photos I've included show two particular trees on this hill which have improper collisions, both causing small obstructions alongside the roadway. This is a small inconvenience as I've scratched my cars on this a few times. Rotating the model may help (or move the model, into the rogue hitbox). If you'd like more bug reports like this one, notify me and I will deploy a naturalist to move to Los Santos and inspect nature.
  7. Cory Lahey


    I believe this is a problem because of how some AI is linked to YOU, some AI is linked to other players.. Sometimes when you "activate more pedestrian spawns" Ive noticed even my own cars (or boats) disappear. This isn't as bad of a problem when it's an OWNED car, and it just ends up in insurance. But when it's a stolen car- this is very unfortunate as it's a complete loss. I'd recommend getting a cheap car of your own to store meth. I personally wouldn't run around with that much meth, but that's just me being scared of drugs. ALT + Z if you have Nvidia Gamebar, you can choose to "record that" and it will SAVE A RECORDING from your past several minutes. ANY TIME you suspect there is a rulebreaker, or a bug in this server, this should be your first thought (we call it your "Bodycam" and it's only for forum purposes). This method doesn't require you to "record at all times just in case" but many other methods WOULD require constant recording.
  8. Tonight's Protest "No Burgers, No Peace" was a large success. We attained 12 signatures from citizens of Los Santos, including 2 police officers who showed large support to our peaceful movement of equality.

    Thanks to everyone who made it out tonight, and expressed their passion for humanity.

  9. Cory Lahey

    Introductions come say Hi

    I'm Cory I'm from Sunnyvale Trailer Park, Canada. I've been RPing since 2010 in SAMP, and now I've decided USARRP will be my home. I'm here for a good time (and a long time). I'm 25, a parent, who works 2 jobs to support his family. I enjoy smoking my weed (and vaping my shatter), and enjoying casual gaming (I'm no try-hard, or play-to-win, I keep a positive attitude). Sometimes I wake up early to game, sometimes I end up awake all night. I also enjoy writing/performing/recording/producing rap music, and I'm a huge foodie. I love animals, and generally I avoid hate (it's like letting someone live in your head rent-free). I believe in UNITY.
  10. Cory Lahey

    Get rid of Insurance (hear me out)

    I think of it like this- If I leave my car locked, a local probably won't steal it... it'll get towed and impounded. If I leave my car unlocked, its a possibility it will be stolen or vandalized. I personally believe that insurance for destroyed cars, and impound for abandoned cars, would make the most sense. In the case of head-pops, this would make the costs more fair for those who "did nothing wrong except own a nice car".
  11. Cory Lahey

    awaiting scripts...

    In the past week, something was fixed in the way the server loads scripts... Have you noticed lately its been going better? Around the time you posted this, it was a big issue for me as well (some days, it was happening to everyone apparently). But since this recent fix I mentioned, I've only gotten stuck at scripts ONCE (out of about 15 times).

  12. Black Cop - Filmed in my local city - by a local Trailer Park Boy.
    This might put something in your brain. It might be good, might be bad. Something is better than nothing, I hope you agree.

  13. Cory Lahey

    Boat sinks when I sit in it for a long time

    Flex your down arrow to drop anchor (Up to lift). This may help you.
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