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  1. Cory Lahey


    +1 IMO A loan should be handled directly through the bank, or a loan office. Repossession should be handled by a separate organization. The Loan amount could be limited by several factors, possibly including: the character's (or player's) length of time in the city, employment, asset value, and whether or not they keep their bank account positive.
  2. Happy Birthday Squail!

  3. I'd like to invite you all to comment "Nice" now that I have finally amassed 69 Notifications. It wasn't easy. I wanted to check them many times over the past few months. But together, we did it. NICE.


  4. December 32, 2020
    Oh no.

    1. NEON


      Oh no man, looks like you're stuck in 2020... hehehe


  5. Cory Lahey

    Mobile Banking App: Transfer/Check Bank Funds via Phone

    +1 Because I'm not stupid enough to carry cash in the modern world.
  6. Cory Lahey

    remove components on guns

    +1 But make attachments into Items like "50 Cal Silencer" which enter your inventory, and then can be used to apply to a gun. Criminals work hard for their gear and there are 1,000 ways to lose it. This would reduce the need to have a collection of similar guns for their variance of attachments, and give crooked license-holders a way to remain golden.
  7. Cory Lahey

    Change the meth explosions

    The methlab explosions ended my crim careers lol.. You keep a guy outside, who has to keep coming inside, and can't hear the explosion (even though cops get a call directly there).. He runs around the meth lab, dragging out one friend and then the next, sometimes getting burnt by invisible flames and ending up on the floor with them. Methlab explosions shouldn't be random. I agree. Nothing is "100% random" IRL. But also, methlab explosions should be heard from outside (not just inside the weed processing plant)
  8. Cory Lahey

    Shooting Range

    I'd like to buy these at the hardware store and put them up on my property to shoot at. +1
  9. Cory Lahey

    Body Armor Improvement

    +1 to the idea of Bulletproof vests being improved. I however believe that bulletproof vests should do the following: Reduce damage value of bullets slightly Reduce injury to class 1 blunt impact (From a class 2 high speed projectile wound) Become ineffective after taking 2 or 3 bullets (or ONE shotgun shot, if enough pellets hit the wearer's torso) When being shot by a Heavy Pistol / Heavy Revolver / 50 Cal / Any Shotgun, the wearer is knocked off their feet. (PowerGame / FailRP rulebreak if an RPer immediately gets up shooting after being knocked down) Edit: As for concern a
  10. Cory Lahey

    Get rid of the trees

    I suggested one time, to fix the hitboxes, but the suggestion didn't go anywhere.. These trees contribute in no positive way to the server, aside from the occasional moments that somebody says "Oh these trees look nice" while driving on the highway. But they take away from the server, every time someone "crashes into one." For me, that's enough to cancel them.
  11. Cory Lahey

    A question.

    My family have been mechanics, and race-car drivers for a few generations. Even a small jump is likely to knock something loose under the car, and stop it from operating. This is equally true in a brand new car (as they're built poorly intentionally, to keep them costing you money) and in older cars (which have been wearing down over time). Cars that you see hitting jumps in movies, have been specifically rigged with custom suspension, and a metal layer to protect the components of the car from damage. Plus their take-off, and landing ramps are specifically designed so it will work out. Als
  12. Hey Bob welcome to the community! :D

  13. Arthur is taking out the movie projector to the backyard   - IT'S A PANDEMIC SPECIAL (You're so childish, Randy!)

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    2. CJGleason21324


      God damn it Cory

    3. Cory Lahey

      Cory Lahey

      🤣@CJGleason21324 The ghosts inside his house scare him 🤣

    4. CJGleason21324


      Lol Cory we need to hangout in city sometime

  14. Happy Birthday Drew 😉

  15. Let me know if you still have problems getting your TokoVOIP working.

    Once you get it figured out, you'll realize it's simple. Just gotta know the steps.

    1. Cory Lahey

      Cory Lahey

      && A Small RP lesson for you! (if you don't mind my advice).

      In-Character is your character. Out-Of-Character is YOU. (I tell you this because I looked at your Personal Information here on your profile, which seems like you may not understand this, but that's okay, I'll teach you.)

      Out of character, you are Tom_TTV. But In-Character, you can have ANY NON-OFFENSIVE NAME. Maybe Tom_MacKay.

      SO YOU are new to RP. That means Tom_MacKay is "new to city-life."
      YOU are a good person. YOU will follow RP rules. That's good, and entirely Out-Of-Character.
      If Tom_MacKay is a good person, HE will respect the people he meets "in the city." That is HIS (aka your In-Character) attitude. BUT Tom_MacKay is his own human. Maybe he will be bad. That's okay too, as long as it's realistic.

      We have special ways we talk about things that are Out-Of-Character.
      When I HAVE TO LEAVE MY PC, My character Arthur doesn't say that. Arthur says "I gotta use the bathroom" and stands in front of a bathroom door. If somebody doesn't understand what HE means, HE will tell them "I'm goin in my head. (that is the ez slang for AFK)"

      If you need to know the button to do an action... "How do I get in my pockets??" is how Tom_MacKay would ask someone. And instead of saying "Press the M button for inventory," we say "Flex your M Muscle" (because real humans don't have buttons to control them).

      Every CITY is unique with their own rules, and culture. It's good to ask the things you don't know. It's smart to treat your first character like a dummy who will try anything, because even if that Character doesn't learn a lot, YOU will learn a lot about how the city works.

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