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    I was a Russian cow farmer hence how I got my name. My Russian name was Makar but when I moved to Los Santos I changed my name to Moo and lost my Russian accent. I wasn't the best kid in school I was always getting in trouble but from moving to America I want to turn my life around and become a better person then I was in Russia. I like fishing but sometimes I can't control my self and get in trouble with the police.

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  1. Moo Dustin

    Custom clothes

    Can we get some brand stuff that could be nike jordans. some designer jeans and shirts then more accessories like watchs airpods and cooler backpacks
  2. Moo Dustin

    More RP jobs

    Do you think we can get radio people to talk on our car radios and also can we get 911 emergency dispatch that we can call 911 and they could talk to us?
  3. Moo Dustin

    More RP jobs

    Do you think we can get radio people to talk on our car radios and also can we get 911 emergency dispatch that we can call 911 and they could talk to us?
  4. Moo Dustin

    mechanic perks

    I bet like lvl 3 mechanics could have half prices on upgrades for vehicles and they can help you upgrade them or lvl 4 idk
  5. Moo Dustin

    Phone messages

    anyone else having a issue where only 1 out of the 10 messages sent I keep trying to text people and sometimes the message is sent but most of the time I can't send
  6. Moo Dustin

    Advanced Repair Kits

    I think an option to just fix your car would be great like you can get a repair kit from the store and use it without being a mechanic
  7. Moo Dustin

    Soft Whitelist?

    Oh ok in the other server I was in it said if the game crashed or you left
  8. Moo Dustin

    Soft Whitelist?

    I mean they might be able to do that since in logs it says if your game has crashed or not
  9. Moo Dustin

    Boat sinks when I sit in it for a long time

    @Cory Trevor Lahey My was anchored here is a clip https://www.twitch.tv/mooxd/clip/UninterestedNaiveCardRaccAttack
  10. Moo Dustin

    Rented boat disappearing

    I was talking about phone IRL ope
  11. Moo Dustin

    Rented boat disappearing

    I almost did 😬I was on my phone when i happen
  12. Moo Dustin

    Rented boat disappearing

    Happen to me too, Ava!
  13. Moo Dustin


    Agreed memes of the month would be great!
  14. My boat slows drops down in the water and sinks
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