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  1. Kyle lowry

    Flying in

    'game crashes wile driving' 'spawns in, in the middle of the street and gets ran over' 'game crashes wile flying' 'falls from 200 feet to death'
  2. Kyle lowry

    2v1 for Cops too

    the 2:1 ration for cops is laughable tbh. I'm sided with stray on that cops do over power scene's more than we should, its not a conscious decision for cops to do it when it happens it just happens sometimes. Should there be a ratio rule? it would be nice but it would not be practical AT ALL. Cas's comment was funny and giving a real example of how impractical it would be. Free passage is given out all the time for a reason. Its the chance for the crim to completely get away. There's usually no more than 3 or 4 units to a chase. I believe that is totally fair for the crim. Once you crash your
  3. Kyle lowry

    Voices keep cutting out & Mouth not moving

    this happens every time people talk. thought this was a known issue since its unavoidable. its almost like theres a silent chirp in the beginning of every time you talk that you cant here that only allows you to speak after the silent chirp ends
  4. Kyle lowry


  5. Kyle lowry


    this would be amazing! i see how it makes sense that they would weigh something because there physical items in your pocket but you cant ever remove them from your pocket so it just becomes super annoying and unrealistic. instead of a ton of licence they should all just be added to your id card.
  6. Kyle lowry

    Phone not working correctly

    i dont receive calls or messages from most people i get messages from people thinking im someone else its been like this since the new phones. super annoying and buying a new phone does nothing
  7. Kyle lowry

    Civilian Radios

    i strongly agree.
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