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  1. Genome

    Phone and Seatbelt sounds

    That fixed it, thanks man.
  2. Genome

    Suppressors Need a Purpose

    This would get abused so hard. They already make it harder to hear where shots are coming from, so they have a use.
  3. Genome

    Phone and Seatbelt sounds

    I've been having issues with some of the sounds in game. The music no longer plays on the loading screen, my phone does not ring when getting a call, and the seatbelt sound and seatbelt alarm in cars does not work. I've reinstalled TS, Toko, and FiveM with no luck.
  4. Genome


    Or it could be a good way for those grey area 'legals' to make a little money.
  5. Genome

    Shooting from parked cars

    With the lack of a draw animation, it gives a huge advantage in any gun fight. So many times people on a bike or car just pull up and talk then start shooting. I think there should be some kind of restriction on shooting from stopped vehicles just to keep the realism. If someone pulled up beside you on a bike or in a car, where you can see into the vehicle, you would probably notice them drawing a weapon. It just seems like powergaming, especially on bikes to just shoot without any delay when anyone on foot has to go through the drawing animation. I've seen it abused so many time, people getti
  6. Genome

    Automated Court Fee system

    I have noticed that there are some availability issues with judges during some time zones. A system that would allow judges to process approved expungements or other matters that simply involve handing over fees on their own time and simply billing the person's bank, much like prison fines, would help cut down a lot of the wait time for people who are not always in the city when the judges are available. With most of the paperwork for those matters sent in by lawyers and approved through the forums, it may cut back on the frequent inquiries for judges in the legal lobby and streamline a little
  7. Genome

    Back Alley Doctor

    I was thinking that a place for a doctor or nurse to clock in to work other than pillbox. There are times when crims may not want to wait for EMS or go to pillbox where police may find them to pick them up. It could be an opportunity for medical staff to make less than legal money while still keeping to the skill set of there character and may drive up more interest in the medical field. Crims that have been shot up after a heist could make a call to a doc they know that is willing to do some shady work for a fee to clock in for them at this less than legal clinic to avoid driving right to pi
  8. Genome

    Rented boat disappearing

    I had an issue with rented boats just vanishing out from under me while fishing. I have not noticed the problem until anchoring. It despawned while I was on it, taking the inventory with it.
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