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  1. Prexay

    Add "previous location" as an extra spawn option when you fly in

    +1 Quality of life.
  2. Prexay

    4V4 Gang fights

    -1 If you cant handle being outnumbered in some situations gang rp isnt for you.
  3. Prexay

    Advanced Repair Kits

  4. Prexay

    robbing cop guns

    -1 I can see where you're coming from, but i feel like that would just cause a lot of controversy. I feel that guns themselves are really easy/cheap to get but it would also defeat the purpose of criminals striving for autos kind of as a reward if you know what i mean. You almost never see a civilian walking around with ar's and smg's but if this were to be added i think it would just cause more problems as well as take away the rarity of an AR.
  5. Prexay


    +1 I've personally come across many instances where i need to drop a ton of stuff out of my inventory and just have to cycle through over and over. It would just be a quality of life addon that would really make it easier.
  6. Prexay

    Civilian Radios

  7. Prexay


    Posted in wrong forum section
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