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  1. Fabio James

    Appreciation Thread

    I have to give props to @Misunderst0od for last night. Some of the best RP I have had with any cop. I love the character and the overall quality RP she brings to criminals, which you just dont see alot of cops bring nowadays. Could careless if she wins just wants to make sure everything is done right.
  2. Fabio James

    Insurance app

    @Mobius 1 thats happening but its gonna take awhile
  3. Fabio James

    Insurance app

    I live in Paleto and it sucks soooo much to have to drive all the way down to LS just to pay insurance. It might be a long shot but having an app to pay insurance would be great. I get that its apart of the RP experience and nobody would go to the actual building. Raise the prices on the app a few hundred dollars as a service fee and call it a day and people who live close would still go.
  4. Fabio James

    Civilian Radios

    Why isn’t this a thing yet
  5. Fabio James

    Have better insurance plans

    Would be a cool player owned insurance idea
  6. Fabio James

    Custom license plates

    This would be really cool, and hopefully easy to implement
  7. Fabio James

    Indoor Grow Operations

    I wish, doubt they met us have more than 1 property anytime soon.
  8. I agree it could get boring with cops, but what i meant by they chose how to have fun, it also means the cops too. I have said this already in another reply but why limit rp with a certain amount of free passages. Just give it to the officer to chose. As far as cops not being able to give much is false in my opinion. The few times i have had a hostage the only thing i have ever been given is free passage even tho i asked for so many different things, like a cop car for my escape, or for a certain officer to take the hostage, even to speak to an officer who was in town at the time. didnt get an
  9. The officers and the hostage also chose how they have fun in the same situation, if the cops dont allow it so be it. The hostage dies and a gun fight happens. Im saying why make a rule where you limit peoples RP. It should be up to the officer to decide if the hostages life is worth free passage or not.
  10. IRL you dont get 1 request per life. Lets not pick and chose what we want to be realistic and what we dont.
  11. @Cas the reason crims ask for free passage is because police say 1 hostage 1 request. I would be 100% down to role play it out draw out the situation, but with 1 request I can’t get anywhere.
  12. More recently they stopped giving every person free passage. I had a character that got told to give ids over and drop guns for free passage and another robbery got straight up denied. I don’t think you should limit free passage at all, it doesn’t make any sense to. If the cops want to deny it that’s their decision (even tho they should value the hostages life, that’s another conversation for a different thread). You say it’s boring, but if criminals have fun doing it so be it. That’s their decision and the great thing about RP servers THEY chose what they do to have fun.
  13. Fabio James

    Bail Bond & Bail Recovery Agents.. ooh my!

    I would love this, I even suggested this like 2 months ago when I had the 9s for a week to fight a simple drug charge. It would permit more people going to trial instead of just letting cops charge them with what ever and moving on. Mine got shit down by multiple officers saying it’s my choice to go into the 9s or it’s just simply not a priority rn. I hope this catches traction tho. Would create more rp situations.
  14. Fabio James

    Chop Shop

    @Cas either way it’s way to low
  15. Fabio James

    Chop Shop

    The chop shop NEEDS to get better. I chopped a car the other day and got 49 dollars...... Only way to actually make money off it is to rob a local at gun point to get their car (which half the time they drive away) or rob players for their keys. The money you get is not worth the heat you get. Using a lock pick and hit wiring kit loses you money. This would add a new dynamic to criminals. Gangs can run the shop, have wars over it etc... At some point maybe you can get material for something, but for right now it really needs to be buffed.
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