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    Micheal Houston-
    Shawn Carnale-
    Mackenzie Houston-
    Alex mercer-
    Justin Smith-
    Donnie Darko-
    John Carnale-
    Adrian Andersson-
  • Character Background(s)
    Micheal Houston-
    Micheal was born in sandy shores of his mother Cassandra Houston. He always knew of criminal activities and was known for asking his mother “who stops them?” At the age of 18 he applied to the San Andreas State Police. He started as a cadet and after a mere two weeks was promoted for excellence. Active between the times of April 2019 to August 2019 holding a total of 35 arrests under his belt. Micheal was always gung go and this was his ultimate downfall. In August as the BCSO was formed Micheal was one of the layoffs made by the commissioner to transfer to the bcso. This had broken Micheals’ heart. He decided not to join the bcso and instead blaze a new trail through to become a criminal. Unfortunately for him, he had been struck down while trying to protect his former coworker Leroy Jenkins from being arrested. Nicholas Coleman had blasted a .50 caliber bullet through Micheals forehead. Afterwards he was heard stating how he was a “remarkable shot” and “took out the garbage himself” Micheal, born April 4th 2001 was killed and went out with a bang on August 21st, 2019
    Justin Smith
    Justin was born brother of Sam Smith on June 8th 1999. He was in a household he wasn’t much a fan of. He was kicked out of the house at 18 and went to Los Santos to find his sister. Justin went insane after the notion of his sister wanting nothing to do with him and after an angry phone call from her he decided to steal a vehicle and was almost caught by the police. He drove the car into a river and got away. Shortly after he stole another vehicle and went to legion square. He then was caught and another chase ensued. Due to Justin’s mystically amazing driving skills, most of the officers vehicles had been disabled and the officers injured. Justin was ultimately killed by Jacob Charleton by a taser initiating a Xanax induced heart attack
    On September 14th, 2019 Justin Smith has passed away.
    Shawn Carnale-
    Born on October 19th 1997, Shawn Carnale was moved into Los Santos from Nicaragua to sell drugs. He was taken in by the S7 crips and rolled with them until eventually snitching to keep a friend alive. He was caught for this and was gunned down at the playboy mansion and had both eyes cut out. He had “see no evil, speak no evil” cut into his back and was buried in pig shit. On October 16th 2018, three days short of his 21st birthday Shawn Carnale was brutally murdered.
    Alex Mercer-
    Alex Mercer was a bitch end of story
    Mackenzie Houston-
    Mackenzie, frightened by her brother suddenly no longer contacting her decided to move to Los Santos to look for him. Shortly after moving there she discovered his death at the hands of the police. Mackenzie vowed to be a criminal. Shortly into her time in the city she decided to start slinging meth and found Some crips. Shortly into her time with them she met the leaders of the outlaws. They let her into their organization and she quickly moved up the ranks for excellence. Eventually, she found she had been pregnant and gave birth. After this she lost her mojo and was excommunicated by the outlaws by molotovs. Her best friend, Alex Beriah left shortly after and they got a house in the East. Mackenzie dubbed Alex her sons god father (named Micheal after her dead brother.)
    Alex passed away by being murdered by a certain someone they both knew. And now Mackenzie rolls with her new friend Britt Kisses.
    Mackenzie was murdered by the same people who killed her best friend on 2/25/20 8 months short of her 20th birthday

    Adrian Moved into town after his cousin Mackenzie passed away. After this happened he decided to find her killers. Quickly realizing the nature of her death and why it was done, he no longer felt remorseful. He quickly met up with his high school pot dealer F____, who showed him to his friends Ronnie and Alex. One day, the crips Ronnie and Alex were in need of assistance with some assholes who were shooting them up. It was here where Adrian proved himself by Molotoving all of the Rival Gangs Cars and taking a bullet for Ronnie to escape. Adrian became a crip, and is notorious around the city nowadays.

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  1. TrashPrince

    Body Armor Reform

    that I understand. But it should survive a good 7 or 8 pistol sized rounds before being gone. and it should prevent puncture wounds until it breaks.
  2. TrashPrince

    Body Armor Reform

    Change the way that Body armor works so that it prevents all GSW's until it is fully broken. A vest is meant to be bulletproof and makes little sense being "protecting" you when in reality you still are getting GSW's and spending absolute buckets of time in Pillbox.
  3. TrashPrince


    Supah Swag
  4. TrashPrince

    The USARRP DRU-pdate (DRUGS!!!)

  5. TrashPrince

    Bring back Teamspeak!!!!!

    I used to be a heavy supporter of this, but if you think about it, it could hinder community growth as a whole. nobody should have to install more intrusive third party software to play on our server. I love ts. toko is better than mumble. But I have a feeling mumble will get better and we will live with it.
  6. TrashPrince

    Thank you mini.

    Talking some STRAIGHT mf FAX up in this bih
  7. TrashPrince

    Allow mechanic upgrades on motorcycles

    even if it were added- the bikes have a really small area where the command would even work.
  8. TrashPrince

    Custom Plates

    I think for a small fee we should be allowed to change our cars plates! Obviously, this could be abused by people doing OO00OOO or IlIlIlIlI as their license plate, but I think it would add more of a bond to those who have cars they want to show off. I would love to have subuwu as my plate on my wrx lol
  9. This would be cool, as to open another persons inventory like the trunk/glovebox of a vehicle. would also be able to implement my /rob suggestions
  10. TrashPrince

    Bring back Teamspeak!!!!!

    maybe not teamspeak, but some other voip. Mumble is busted up for sure. I even switched to canary and its still b00f
  11. TrashPrince

    The longest thread on USARRP

  12. TrashPrince

    The longest thread on USARRP

    Joseph Mamacito
  13. TrashPrince

    The longest thread on USARRP

    whats the link
  14. TrashPrince

    The longest thread on USARRP

    tomorrow yes
  15. TrashPrince

    The longest thread on USARRP

    just let it play out. it will work
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