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    Micheal Houston-
    Shawn Carnale-
    Mackenzie Houston-
    Alex mercer-
    Justin Smith-
    Donnie Darko-
    John Carnale-
    Adrian Andersson-
  • Character Background(s)
    Micheal Houston-
    Micheal was born in sandy shores of his mother Cassandra Houston. He always knew of criminal activities and was known for asking his mother “who stops them?” At the age of 18 he applied to the San Andreas State Police. He started as a cadet and after a mere two weeks was promoted for excellence. Active between the times of April 2019 to August 2019 holding a total of 35 arrests under his belt. Micheal was always gung go and this was his ultimate downfall. In August as the BCSO was formed Micheal was one of the layoffs made by the commissioner to transfer to the bcso. This had broken Micheals’ heart. He decided not to join the bcso and instead blaze a new trail through to become a criminal. Unfortunately for him, he had been struck down while trying to protect his former coworker Leroy Jenkins from being arrested. Nicholas Coleman had blasted a .50 caliber bullet through Micheals forehead. Afterwards he was heard stating how he was a “remarkable shot” and “took out the garbage himself” Micheal, born April 4th 2001 was killed and went out with a bang on August 21st, 2019
    Justin Smith
    Justin was born brother of Sam Smith on June 8th 1999. He was in a household he wasn’t much a fan of. He was kicked out of the house at 18 and went to Los Santos to find his sister. Justin went insane after the notion of his sister wanting nothing to do with him and after an angry phone call from her he decided to steal a vehicle and was almost caught by the police. He drove the car into a river and got away. Shortly after he stole another vehicle and went to legion square. He then was caught and another chase ensued. Due to Justin’s mystically amazing driving skills, most of the officers vehicles had been disabled and the officers injured. Justin was ultimately killed by Jacob Charleton by a taser initiating a Xanax induced heart attack
    On September 14th, 2019 Justin Smith has passed away.
    Shawn Carnale-
    Born on October 19th 1997, Shawn Carnale was moved into Los Santos from Nicaragua to sell drugs. He was taken in by the S7 crips and rolled with them until eventually snitching to keep a friend alive. He was caught for this and was gunned down at the playboy mansion and had both eyes cut out. He had “see no evil, speak no evil” cut into his back and was buried in pig shit. On October 16th 2018, three days short of his 21st birthday Shawn Carnale was brutally murdered.
    Alex Mercer-
    Alex Mercer was a bitch end of story
    Mackenzie Houston-
    Mackenzie, frightened by her brother suddenly no longer contacting her decided to move to Los Santos to look for him. Shortly after moving there she discovered his death at the hands of the police. Mackenzie vowed to be a criminal. Shortly into her time in the city she decided to start slinging meth and found Some crips. Shortly into her time with them she met the leaders of the outlaws. They let her into their organization and she quickly moved up the ranks for excellence. Eventually, she found she had been pregnant and gave birth. After this she lost her mojo and was excommunicated by the outlaws by molotovs. Her best friend, Alex Beriah left shortly after and they got a house in the East. Mackenzie dubbed Alex her sons god father (named Micheal after her dead brother.)
    Alex passed away by being murdered by a certain someone they both knew. And now Mackenzie rolls with her new friend Britt Kisses.
    Mackenzie was murdered by the same people who killed her best friend on 2/25/20 8 months short of her 20th birthday

    Adrian Moved into town after his cousin Mackenzie passed away. After this happened he decided to find her killers. Quickly realizing the nature of her death and why it was done, he no longer felt remorseful. He quickly met up with his high school pot dealer F____, who showed him to his friends Ronnie and Alex. One day, the crips Ronnie and Alex were in need of assistance with some assholes who were shooting them up. It was here where Adrian proved himself by Molotoving all of the Rival Gangs Cars and taking a bullet for Ronnie to escape. Adrian became a crip, and is notorious around the city nowadays.

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  1. TrashPrince

    Ioseb Jughashvili Name Change Request

    Enclosed Is the document regarding the reqeust. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1fdrsTfxUHyDZYPGIcFWeIGDjwLVngILkpDtVDkben94/edit?usp=sharing
  2. TrashPrince

    Multiple Bank Accounts

    It would be great but there needs to be a rule about it so people cant bypass having a negative bank, maybe make it so you have to be positive 10k to open a new bank account with a charge of 1k to open the new account, the new account would be specifically for storage of cash in a separate fund, cant see it being used too too much but i can see it being useful for business rp
  3. Just so you’re aware; ooc salt is actually mentioned in the rules, if you haven’t read them yet, then here take a free link you might need it. Usarrp.net/rules/ with that out of the way. You are telling me that you’d shoot a cop for fucking up your roleplay? That sounds like you’re taking out ooc anger on somebody for getting an upper hand on you in character. I would suggest maybe instead of making a character who has a specific background do something wack just cause you’re mad that you lost ooc, you take a second to think about what you’re doing to real people. Now I’m going to leave this suggestion since it’s getting toxic. Cheers!
  4. Not Meant for you @Trevor Lahey
  5. Then take it out with the specific officer who did it to you specifically in a non toxic way. It seems like a pretty simple concept to me
  6. This feels like you aren’t actually reading most of the post
  7. Back when I was micheal Houston I got some heavy abuse for being young. I won’t lie, I don’t have a very deep voice. It’s very hard to be in a position of “power” in character when your 27 year old character sounds like he’s 14. Regardless, there were only ever two instances where I started feeling like it was too much.. those two instances are part of the reason I killed micheal. Nobody took him seriously I felt. I truly hope that eventually people open their eyes and realize while Yes this is all 100% in character, there are still souls and people behind the character. Each one with their own set of challenges. I feel like personally this is more of a community issue than a staff issue.
  8. TrashPrince

    A change to the RDM rule

    I don't agree with this, Sometimes realism needs to be sacrificed for good rp and vice versa
  9. If I’m being arrested and I think it’s bullshit or if it’s one of the three cops I don’t like then I’ll yell some obscenities if they disrespect my character, again we all play characters not online renditions of ourselves. I hope nothing I have said to anyone may have caused harm, it’s all ic.
  10. TrashPrince


    @Ronnie Smith No this isn't an argument, when I read your first reply I wasn't paying attention and missed the entire part where you agree with me. To be honest its not really the scenario with the hand that bothered me. It's the more serious stuff. people doing /me is missing an arm and has "fuckin swine" carved into back, eyeballs are missing and tongue was cut out, buried in pig shit and is pale white smelling like garbage" That right there is taking that shit TOO Far if it isnt scripted. I don't mind scripting serial killer rp, ive thought about it myself. Regardless like Jamie said, Rule 1 > Everything else. Thanks for coming to my TED talk
  11. TrashPrince


    Realism isn’t everything though, besides, with the person in question not even being involved in any robbery it just feels like bullshit. Like, no, nobody wants to rp missing a limb. I get that it’s all a character and an act but that’s besides the point. That’s like cutting someone’s head off and “forcing” them to morgue. Because realistically nobody comes back from decap. Nobody should be forced to rp a certain way. It’s not like I’m making this because “I’m mad butthurt” I’m making this because not everyone is as desensitized to that kind of shit as some of us. All I’m saying is, it could seriously make people really uncomfortable and we want this to be as open and free for someone to rp as anywhere else.
  12. TrashPrince


    Well I am happy to see I’m not the only one who feels this way. I sure as hell know my friend doesn’t want to rp missing a hand and shit and I feel bad when my character has been so badly Fucked up that people legit have to go afk and throw up
  13. TrashPrince


    Hear me out. I am getting pretty disgusted with some of the things I am seeing right now. People straight up carving into each other and cutting pieces of people off. Why the fuck is that a thing? First off, yes, like it or not, dismemberment is extreme RP. No matter what way you look at it that is extreme. Forcefeeding people animal food/excrement? That’s extreme. Just as other forms of rp feel lazy and or too much, believe me I know what is too much. This is not okay. When your character is killed in such a way that it makes bcso who showed up on scene LITERALLY THROW UP IRL. That’s when you go too far. I feel bad, because torture rp is not just a “slightly sensitive topic” I find it to be major. I’ve talked with another person about it and that’s why I’m making the suggestion to classify torture/dismemberment rp under extreme rp. I don’t think it should be done anymore
  14. TrashPrince

    Stricter Realism =/= Less Shitlord

    People should stop worrying about upsetting people ooc. Everything we do here is in character so why does someone’s ooc feelings matter? Unless they ask you to stop cause they’re uncomfortable with the rp you’re giving them, nothing should be ooc. If you ask me, people should invest more I’m playing a CHARACTER. Not an online rendition of themselves.
  15. TrashPrince

    Gangster Aim

    Do this BUT make accuracy straight cheeks, we’ll see who is actually about rping as a gangster
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