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    Micheal Houston-
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    Micheal Houston-
    Micheal was born in sandy shores of his mother Cassandra Houston. He always knew of criminal activities and was known for asking his mother “who stops them?” At the age of 18 he applied to the San Andreas State Police. He started as a cadet and after a mere two weeks was promoted for excellence. Active between the times of April 2019 to August 2019 holding a total of 35 arrests under his belt. Micheal was always gung go and this was his ultimate downfall. In August as the BCSO was formed Micheal was one of the layoffs made by the commissioner to transfer to the bcso. This had broken Micheals’ heart. He decided not to join the bcso and instead blaze a new trail through to become a criminal. Unfortunately for him, he had been struck down while trying to protect his former coworker Leroy Jenkins from being arrested. Nicholas Coleman had blasted a .50 caliber bullet through Micheals forehead. Afterwards he was heard stating how he was a “remarkable shot” and “took out the garbage himself” Micheal, born April 4th 2001 was killed and went out with a bang on August 21st, 2019
    Justin Smith
    Justin was born brother of Sam Smith on June 8th 1999. He was in a household he wasn’t much a fan of. He was kicked out of the house at 18 and went to Los Santos to find his sister. Justin went insane after the notion of his sister wanting nothing to do with him and after an angry phone call from her he decided to steal a vehicle and was almost caught by the police. He drove the car into a river and got away. Shortly after he stole another vehicle and went to legion square. He then was caught and another chase ensued. Due to Justin’s mystically amazing driving skills, most of the officers vehicles had been disabled and the officers injured. Justin was ultimately killed by Jacob Charleton by a taser initiating a Xanax induced heart attack
    On September 14th, 2019 Justin Smith has passed away.
    Shawn Carnale-
    Born on October 19th 1997, Shawn Carnale was moved into Los Santos from Nicaragua to sell drugs. He was taken in by the S7 crips and rolled with them until eventually snitching to keep a friend alive. He was caught for this and was gunned down at the playboy mansion and had both eyes cut out. He had “see no evil, speak no evil” cut into his back and was buried in pig shit. On October 16th 2018, three days short of his 21st birthday Shawn Carnale was brutally murdered.
    Alex Mercer-
    Alex Mercer was a bitch end of story
    Mackenzie Houston-
    Mackenzie, frightened by her brother suddenly no longer contacting her decided to move to Los Santos to look for him. Shortly after moving there she discovered his death at the hands of the police. Mackenzie vowed to be a criminal. Shortly into her time in the city she decided to start slinging meth and found Some crips. Shortly into her time with them she met the leaders of the outlaws. They let her into their organization and she quickly moved up the ranks for excellence. Eventually, she found she had been pregnant and gave birth. After this she lost her mojo and was excommunicated by the outlaws by molotovs. Her best friend, Alex Beriah left shortly after and they got a house in the East. Mackenzie dubbed Alex her sons god father (named Micheal after her dead brother.)
    Alex passed away by being murdered by a certain someone they both knew. And now Mackenzie rolls with her new friend Britt Kisses.

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  1. Mackenzie Houston <3

    More emotes

    Smoke 1 also doesn’t work for females ^^
  2. Mackenzie Houston <3

    Real Estate Agents creating doors.

    I agree 100% and also think more rp should be brought for judges. It sucks that 90% of what they do is stupid minor stuff like creating doors when other people could do it with a change of commands. I wish I had a better idea for judge rp but I really only think that they should have a larger influence on things that go on. I’m not very creative so I don’t know what they could do instead. So, I’ll tag @Raven cause he is creative
  3. Mackenzie Houston <3

    Increase gun prices

    the economy is certainly weird but you can still make money. To be real, people don’t make tens of thousands over the course of one day irl so I think we’re fine where we are with prices and such.
  4. Mackenzie Houston <3

    Role Play Challenge (One Life)

    Adrian III’s diary day 1; thats fucking it! Bullshit! I’m 18 now they can’t stop me from doing anything. I’m going to finally go somewhere, be someone, do something. My life has been a constant 1 way street leading to a dead end. I can’t wait for where I end up now. I just bought a one way ticket to Los santos. Fuck you dad! Fuck you dina!
  5. Mackenzie Houston <3

    Role Play Challenge (One Life)

    Alright I’m doing this because @Raven finally convinced me. Now I’m kinda copying him by sharing basically my life story too; NOTE; this story contains triggers such as VERY REAL accounts of assault and drug abuse. You’ve been warned Adrian was a normal boy living in a suburb in the north east of the USA. It rains, it snows, the weather is trash 80% of the year but he loves the fall and it’s leaves. Nothing topped anything than being outside in the summer months building things out of wood scraps that his father had left him. Adrians father (Adrian Jr, Adrian the character is Adrian III) was a loving father. He worked hard, a breadwinner if you will. He had a top notch job and was paid big dollars for working at a drywall plant. Life was good for Adrian, until he was about Five years old when his father had a mental break from stress and the loss of a loved one. See what Adrian wouldn’t know until about age 14 was that his father and mother had a tertiary person in their relationship. And when she left, his father was heart broken. in a bout of savage rage and depression; adrians father began tearing any pictures involving this third person, and not bringing her up. He eventually went to a mental hospital. When Adrian would visit his father in the hospital he would be told that his father was just at a summer camp to learn new abilities. Adrian could sense the bullshit. When Adrian was 5, he started kindergarten and was very good at making friends and quickly established a group. When kindergarten ended, so did Adrians friend group. They were split. But, In first grade, Adrian met his first crush, and they spent every waking minute together. Her name; karman. Adrian was very fond of her and she felt the same. They ended up in the same second grade class as well and became even closer. Unfortunately for Adrian, he lived in a party house. Every day his father was inviting new people over to party and do drugs and drink alcohol. Even right in front of Adrian. Being exposed to such a concept at a young age meant nothing to anyone, and since his mother had to work 70 hour work weeks, he rarely saw her. Adrian began to deteriorate, due to his parents lack of attention to him, he became very impulsive to gather a crowd. And always wanting the spotlight, that’s just what he did. Eventually one of adrians friends, Jacob moved into his house. See, Jacobs moms house had a burst in the water lines. Jacob was adrians best friend, but Jacob also hurt Adrian very badly. as such great friends Adrian always trusted Jacob, but Jacob has a much more sinister plan. Jacob did things to Adrian that I will not type here, but it left Adrian with a ptsd disorder, so I’m sure it’s assumable. adrian, now 7, in Christmas decided all he wanted was his family together. And he got just that. That’s when his parents dropped the bombshell. Christiana and Adrian Jr (adrians father remember) both explained that they were going to have a divorce. Adrian, in a fit of pure animalistic rage ran down the stairs and began to punch the walls and ground. Blaming “God” or whatever thing controlled fate for this. His parents attempted to calm him down by giving him a choice of who to live with. But Adrian wasn’t ready to make a decision. Who would be at 7 years old? thats when Adrians anger problem developed. adrians father broke a door with his bare fists after adrians brother Andrew yelled to his father about being a useless mongoloid. Adrian began to repeat his fathers mannerisms and way of speech. It was not on purpose. It was “who he was destined to become” since it happened to adrians father and his father before him. Adrians brother Andrew decided to live with christiana, and to keep a balance Adrian decided to stay with his father. adrian saw Jacob and still trusted him for some reason. And at one point when In the house, Adrian pointed to a marijuana pipe and said “look, Jacob, a ‘paperweight’” and snickered. His father was enraged and kicked him out of the house for the rest of the day. His father blamed himself and was upset because he had let his only son worth anything to him at that point see what a world of shit he was living in. Adrians father decided for Adrian to live with christiana. See, Christiana had made a boyfriend. He was successful, and perfect father material. His name was Haden. Haden was the perfect role model to Adrian from the ages of 7-11 which is when adrians life becomes interesting again. At the age of 11 years old going into sixth grade, Adrian saw who he aspired to be. He wanted to be a “bad kid” who smoked weed. And smoked weed he did. Adrian was instantly in love with it. Admittedly, he in the future hated this act. Because he believed he did it for “clout” initially. And life didn’t pick back up until 8th grade when Adrian became a “full time stoner” and smoked weed with friends and on his own 24/7. His friend Isabel, cheated on her boyfriend with Adrian. And her boyfriend attempted to kill Adrian in 8th grade. That’s when adrians father took him back in. Adrian moves houses at the beginning of highschool and after being the “weird kid” from 3rd to 8th grade finally made new friends. His best friend of which was Nicholas. Nick had shared some experiences and they quickly became close and sharing their stories with each other. Adrian went to a party at 15 and tried DMT for the first time. adrian quit doing drugs after that and sank into a major depressive episode. Remember his ptsd disorder? Yeah he does too now. Because at 15 he began having panic attacks and flashbacks of that god forsaken day with Jacob. he went to counseling, where they told him he was fucked in the head and needed medication. He finally started them in sophomore year. Afterwards, he went to college in Los Santos and is ready to become a “somebody” in this world of bodies. Also, he’s bisexual. thanks for reading this. Maybe this gives more insight to who I am as a person. I’m sorry to anyone who is offended by this, but this is my retelling of my own life. Thank you for reading. Love ya face
  6. Mackenzie Houston <3

    Discord RP appreciation channel

    Yeah I’m on the fence. I love the idea and think it would keep people on their toes, but at the same time people could be like “Wahh I got captured from a failed bank robbery which I know is a risk of such a move” and then next thing you know a cops rp appreciation score is in the shitter cause of people being angry about losing. Win mentality would have to end (which it won’t, greed flows like blood in every humans veins) in order for it to really worK EDIT; IN MY OPINION
  7. Mackenzie Houston <3

    Driver licenses and Speed cameras

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Sometimes realism is sacrificed for roleplay and sometimes roleplay is sacrificed for realism. Like the whole “valuing your life thing” irl if one person come up to me with a gun and I’m packing heat, I’m gonna pull it and blast em. That’s besides the point i think this idea would be good if most scripts for it didn’t fail at their job in other places even if you steal a car you still get the fines. Which is totally bogus considering the cams wouldn’t know it’s you furthermore, there’s some driving that’s fast, but in the grand scheme of things I don’t think it needs to be addressed nearly as much as gp over rp and failrp. Which is currently running rampant. IMHO, not super into this suggestion but if it was done correctly then I’d be fine with it
  8. Mackenzie Houston <3

    Scratched Revolver

    I like the ideas but I think that it would be a step in the wrong direction to add the rifles and such just for the amount of gp over rp. However, once that’s handled I would love the rifle additions. I think the revolver is a good idea.
  9. Mackenzie Houston <3

    "Gang activity"

    I 100% support this suggestion. Some people are just pumping out the poorest rp I’ve seen ever on the DAILY. We all have our slip ups, even me, probably even you who’s reading this. But the Blatant disregard for the sole foundation of the server (roleplay) is ticking me off to unimaginable amounts.
  10. Mackenzie Houston <3

    Rejoining Queue

    @Raven Thats BS dude i have whitelist and at peak times on peak days i wait up to 1.5 hours. Everyone and their mother has whitelist now
  11. Mackenzie Houston <3

    Gang Gang

    Now if we make punishments strict, does that mean criminals rp is being restricted specifically because they’re criminals and do what criminals do (crime) ? I agree with most of what you say. However, these new groups that don’t enforce a core moral standing and code of conduct will mean nothing if the real gangs, the “good” ones decided to step up and put their foot down on unrealistic/shitlord behavior. I think that it’s not an issue of rules or an in character punishment issue, i believe it’s an issue with leadership and IN CHARACTER actions.
  12. Mackenzie Houston <3

    To not have guns sit on back when not having them out

    I understand whatcha mean here man but realism is a thing the server is based on and just pulling a musket out of your pants is not very realistic. I’d suggest keeping it in the trunk of your car and people won’t even know you have it.
  13. Mackenzie Houston <3

    Gang Gang

    @z3ned I know, I was there for it
  14. Mackenzie Houston <3

    Gang Gang

    Even if there was an application for it what would the stipulations be? Now that the gang discord roles are gone is there really a need for a recognized app? I agree, there are a lot of things going on involving “fake gangs” that are breaking rules or also being toxic, but we shouldn’t stop people from forming a “gang” imo. For instance, I really enjoy rping with a friend, we form a group and have other people we enjoy being around join us. That might not be a “gang” but it’s a group that does things and makes money together. A gang doesn’t have to be illegal, it’s just that most are lol.
  15. Mackenzie Houston <3

    Whitelisted Mechanics POLL

    Vehicle durability should be a factor sure, but to be brutally honest if cars didn’t break so easily mechanics wouldn’t be as needed, it’s a cause and effect relationship; cars break easily = more mechanics needed. Cars are stronger = less demand for mechanics and it would be easier to achieve the whole whitelisted mechanics idea. Once the cars durability is fixed though.
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