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    Tim Makaveli grew up in a bad neighborhood surrounded by violence and crime, this was an everyday thing he would see people being mugged in the alleyways and attacked when they had nothing to give up. growing up he began to wished there was something he could do to help stop the crime and violence. One day Tim was being chased by a group of kids that wanted to steal his shoes Tim ran as fast as he could but the kids chasing were bigger faster and meaner. Tim managed to get to the street corner where he saw a police officer he began to runs towards him saying "help" the officer stop and turned towards Tim he saw a scared boy running for his life towards him. The officer intervened and saved Tim from that group of kids, the officer offered Tim a ride home in his squad car. during the ride home Tim realized how he could help people like himself that were always being threatened by violence by becoming a Police Officer like his new found hero Officer Patrick McNeil.

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  1. DreamG21


    Yes please! the amount of shots fired calls that come from the burger shot is getting ridiculous along with the assault calls, and after someone gets downed they call 911 asking for help and once the Officers and EMS get there people start trying to bait a reaction from the cops....
  2. DreamG21

    Forest Needs Maintenance

    There is another tree with an invisible barrier on the dirt road behind the prison across from the bank in harmony, the barrier extend about a foot towards the road and behind the tree it extends about 2 feet out
  3. DreamG21

    semi-trucks suddenly stop/get stuck in ground

    I've seen this happen in front of Burger Shot twice, and in both occasions the person was hauling the wooden logs, when they get stuck you can hear the engine is still on and the wheels turn but the trailer won't move at all and in both occasions we had the driver hand over the keys to the truck to someone else to try and move the truck and once the other person gets into the truck to move in the trailer becomes unstuck and moves again.
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