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  2. Everyone knows Swedish people is a little slow compared to the rest of the world.


    The only reason why the world hasnt burned Sweden down to the ground yet is because they actually make some decent music



    1. GomBiaN


      I hate you


  3. Anyhow it does not matter anymore since my lawyer got killed, case is rip anyways, not as anyone wanted to roleplay
  4. Also not heard anything of a settlement? @Mandalor @GreenDragon917
  5. Great. My lawyer died so what can i do. This is How this corrupt police state works Having a solid case with alot of potential being thrown in The trash is really sad. really really sad. Time to make these cops make They wish They never were born by making their Jobs impossible to do Thanks for nothing
  6. Taco Gang? 


    Taco Gang.



    1. GomBiaN
    2. Lionn


      im actually at a loss for words...

    3. Tim Lee Dunkley
  7. I mean sure man, but i've seen so many judges on from time to time, and still nothing happens. How about being honest instead of coming up with a bad excuse? I mean nothing personal man, but i dont wanna wait a month maybe two for a RP scenario wich gonna last for about 30 minutes. What if some of my witnesses gets deported? Or even quits? It ruins the whole RP man. Stuff like this should not take more than two weeks tops. Again, nothing personal.
  8. I'll link the Taco Gang google dooooc under here bois ? https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Uqp-j-UIecRstVC60t7KBvsHaOLbAoo_L974nw5zwuo/edit?usp=sharing
  9. So is anything happening here?
  10. Zhorique

    POST Your In real life Age here .

    Im 69 years old, the greatest age in the world. You always have a excuse to run around naked in town: Hey i thought this was a nudist beach, im old.
  11. Get ready for the fight club tonight!  I heard there is a new hostess, hint hint ;)


    @Mia and @Mandalor is ready to bring it to the next level.




    - Love Hennifer

    1. Zhorique


      And for those who is a bit softer, take some LL Cool J



  12. I believe i was told 212, but i might be mistaken so if 101 is the correct number, sure
  13. I: Charges- Assault, Harrasment and Not giving rats as about my civil rights II: Arrest Date and Time- 08.10.2018, around midnight central europe time. Was not put to jail sueing for the things stated above III: Arresting Officer- Ollie Pettersson badgenumber 212 IV: Representation- Lorenzo Gambino (@Luke) V: Evidence- Speak to my lawyer about evidence. Aswell about the witnesses.