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  1. Sometimes i feel like Psy is trying to show how im in real life



    Not the dancing, cant dance for shit

    1. GreenDragon917


      I thought you were referring to Gangnam Style as soon as I read Psy. I was like "Zhorique's life is summed up by a dude pretending to ride a horse while singing in Korean?". Come to think of it, that would explain a lot of stuff.

    2. ArtaKia


      Madofako gentleman

    3. [P-52] Jack Haines

      [P-52] Jack Haines

      My Eyes
      My Ears
      My Soul

  2. Zhorique

    Something to keep you from feeling bored

    @Luna Eve FY FAEN
  3. Dear pope cat.


    bless me with your holy touch, senpai

    1. JesusOnCatnip


      Jesus behold you for godly reasons and thall shal be blessed and stuff, please donate money to the church. The mormans are doing 10% of their pay checks so like cmon. I hear by grant you the pope of heavenly catnip 

    2. JesusOnCatnip
  4. Tribute song



    Sleep well, friend

  5. Zhorique

    Post dat computer setup bruh

    I wanted this thread to be serious
  6. Calm down and take life as is.


    Life is life?



  7. Zhorique

    IRL Face thread?

    Im a playboy bunny <3
  8. Zhorique

    IRL Face thread?

    @Rimka Happy?
  9. Zhorique

    Post dat computer setup bruh

    Post your shitty command centers. I'll start you mongrels <3
  10. Whenever you need to review your shit life, Scorpions will send aid.



    1. Kylee



  11. Let be potatoes and smash ;) <3





    1. John Ram

      John Ram

      You are a potato!  lol   <3

  12. Zhorique

    IRL Face thread?

    What do you mean @John Ram I've always been attractive, still undefeated champion aswell
  13. Zhorique

    IRL Face thread?

    Me at the club
  14. Lucifer is finally able to do what i really wants.


    1. John Ram

      John Ram

      REALLY??????????? Lucifer Diablo saving lives?!?!?!


    2. Zhorique


      More like saving the assholes he dont want to deal with in hell