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  1. Tired of having your girl character look very masculine? I've never been a huge fan of the regular GTA 5 Female Hairs, then I started looking online and have found a lot of cute hairstyles and cute clothing items that replace the god awful clothing, such as the dresses; they're too long and look like a night gown but with the two dresses I found, are adorable, and actually look like dresses and not make yourself look like a grandma lol. There's also long hairstyles and cute buns and even braids. For the rest of the clothing there's cute crop tops, cropped hoodies, shorts with thigh high socks,
  2. Zoe

    Leave Of Absence (Post under)

    Name: Leah Marie Collins P-Number: P-303 When are you leaving: 07/22/2018 When are you coming back: 07/29/2018 Reason(s): I will be leaving town to spend a week with my family and won't be able to bring my PC or be able to join FiveM. Please keep my position, I will be back soon. Thank you.
  3. Zoe

    POST Your In real life Age here .

    I'm 15 turning 16 in October.
  4. Zoe

    American Medical Response Training

    I will go if possible. I'm having family issues and have to go visit my grandmother that's ill.
  5. Oh no problem, I'm always here to try to help.
  6. The reason why your hair is probably missing everytime you connect is because you can't use the hair past 30 idk why but that's a fix. The tattoos, when you go get a tattoo or tattoos, after you're done getting the tattoos you want go into the barber shop and checkout. That's what I did and I have all of my tattoos when I reconnect back into the server.
  7. Zoe


    I just recently bought someones property and they just told me that when they had that house they set their spawn there and now even when they don't own it they still spawn there.
  8. Zoe

    Character Name Change

    I'd like one of my characters name changed since I made the character as a joke thinking I could delete it and it said "wait three days to delete" and its been over 3 days and I still can't delete it, the Characters name is May June and I'd appreciate if you can change the characters name to Lina Valentine.
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