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baby gangster

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  1. baby gangster

    Lost about 72 weed bags overnight

    https://www.usarrp.net/forums/forum/72-refund-requests/ go there and make refund request
  2. baby gangster

    4V4 Gang fights

    I was hoping that we can do an only 4V4 gang fights because I think it's not really fair if you have 4 persons in the car and the other 4 persons call there friends and now its 8v4 and it can keep going and I think it might even stop unfair ratios fights ETC ETC Examples 1. its can be even for both sides they get a fair chance 2. if it happens we are in a shootout we kill the enemies but they got their friends that are not part of it and they try to take their guns I think that not fair if the ratios are good and then 2 more cars that are full come in a
  3. baby gangster

    robbing cop guns

    i get what you saying about gp-rp but really no disrespect to bcso they abuse the mechanic of haveing a ar-smgs we are in a shoot out in the bank 4 of them run up with smgs and we killed 1 i think it fair if we take that one officer smg when 4 other officer are rushing with smgs what can we do if there abusing the mechanic if we have combats pistols if they have smgs
  4. baby gangster

    robbing cop guns

    I think you guy should allow taking ars armor and more for cops but with the appropriate Bad RP Example 1. let's kill a cop for ar with no RP into it. or another scenario with not the right RP reason your in a shoot out with one cop and you just take their ar with not enough RP into the scenario. Good Example 1 you in a shoot out in the tunnels your about to die you need armor or a bandaid you go to the cop you killed you take armor and ar and when another cop you see you shoot with the ar For example, if you get caught with an ar or SMG you get 120 months automatically a
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