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  1. Pume

    Guns are too damn cheap

    Isn't fixing the pay rates the solution? 300$ for truck course - done!
  2. Pume

    I need people's opinions.

    Sorry, the grades are 1-6, so nope.
  3. Pume

    I need people's opinions.

    see, no problem here
  4. Pume

    I need people's opinions.

  5. Pume

    Off Duty Cops -where are they?

    I mean if there was a rule that u have to wait x time before going on duty u kno
  6. Pume

    Off Duty Cops -where are they?

    But you can force people to not use certain words.. how's that? Arent rules for that?
  7. I have this idea to make Cops play off duty because its totally unrealisitic that someone just plays a cop on duty 24/7. I mean, there are good cops and bad cops and if you want to get onto one you have to be against all the panic button/gps/other cops force because all the cops in our city live, sleep and eat on the PD. Normally cops go off duty have their homes and lives - but not in Paleto! They should be vulnerable like everyone else from time to time .I suggest make cop player to have to play an hour off duty before can go on duty and like 30 min after going off duty. Or sumthin - whats your ideas?
  8. Pume

    Cant look behind me!

    Toggle stance overwrites the look behind you on food and can't even be rebound. I'd suggest making it something like Alt+S or Replace the crouch with it. Or make some other custom bind for it
  9. Pume

    What TV shows do you like?

  10. @JohnSmith calling 911....

  11. Pume

    bug on me

    You should disconnect then wait and press x in fivem in the upper right corner
  12. I like Mina's idea with restricting non whitelisted players ability to buy properties. Public status should be like a trial mode. ( For ex. You can only buy handguns, have 1 car in garage etc.) Ps. Impressive vocabulary @JesusOnCatnip
  13. Bans shouldnt include points either ban or points man, we dont want to have a ban spree it doestn help anyone
  14. I suggest when banning someone IT cannot be solo decision, it should be consulted with at least one other admin to take effect.