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  1. Pume

    Favorite Movies

    Shit i could spam couple pages like this 😂
  2. Pume

    Friday Fight Club [FFC]


    Chris Kowalsky - fighter
  3. Pume

    Emotes ui improvement

    Bump, is anything done on this matter? Now we have the new prone emote and i need to use magic to find it.
  4. When you let @John drive your car

    Grand Theft Auto V-04-19-2018 15-03-55-753.jpg

  5. Pume

    What The Earth Really Looks Like

    Cant wait
  6. Pume

    Something to keep you from feeling bored

    Best Pirate series ever great criminal series politics great too old school gangsta
  7. Pume

    Delay before shooting a gun

    You stick out of cover but you are still behind it, aim - go a bit to wherever you can shoot and shoot, eazy. And it can be shorter, what gives.
  8. So i just had this idea to add like a 2 second (or whatever) delay while aiming before you can shoot. I think it could solve some "at gunpoint" situations, becouse person havin someone at gunpoint would have some time to see if the target wants to pull out/use gun and act accordingly.
  9. Pume

    Post dat computer setup bruh

    Mafakas! Who has best one?
  10. Pume

    Post dat computer setup bruh

    I thought we gonna post like the components here, not how our monitors and peripherals look like
  11. Pume

    Friday Fight Club [FFC]


    Chris Kowalsky - fighter
  12. Paleto Turf WAR!!!


    1. LazyWoodz



  13. Gay wedding in Paleto!



  14. I'd like to suggest to make a cap on vehicle claims. I mean its tough when i have to pay 30 k for a claim it makes me dont use said vehicle, but imagine claim of 300k for top vehicles i dont think anyone would afford that. Besides we already pay monthly fee. Maybe make it higher or more often paid or maybe adjusted for vehicles owned but make claims cheaper or capped at a fixed max price?
  15. Pume

    IRL Face thread?

    You fought so hard it blew your tatoos tatoos off