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Why not start your law enforcement career with the Blaine County Sheriffs Office apply today and start out as a corrections officer and work all the way up to Sheriff.

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  1. Stocks

    Get rid of the trees

    +1 Agreed. More Con's then Pro's imo.
  2. Stocks

    Torso always has default blue shirt

    Torso 2 is going to be your main layer, the one you'll use the most. For torso 1, set it to (15) and it shouldn't have another layer. Lastly, make sure your arms/hands settings look normal, and if they don't adjust the numbers until it does. Hope this helps Have fun RP'ing!
  3. Goodnight LS ✌️



  4. Stocks

    el mejor

    I plead the 5th. I'd like my lawyer. Thanks. *Mutes Mic*
  5. Stocks

    Pillbox Whisper Function

  6. Stocks

    el mejor

    I just saw him vent. 100% Him. I VOTED IZAN WAS AN IMPOSTER....
  7. Stocks

    Starting a business?

    There is a process you go through, but you'll have to find out In Character(IC)! Anything used Out Of Character (OOC) is considered Metagaming. Have fun with you future RP, and welcome to the community!
  8. "Hey Alexa, Play 'Prospect' by iann dior ft. Lil Baby" ❄️





  9. ISU Gang🔍




  10. Stocks

    Pistol Whips

    Taser whips as well count as "Taser punctures" aka prongs. But yes I agree with the above that it should be fixed.
  11. Stocks


    +1 Love the idea. Would love to see it be implemented.
  12. #JusticeForZane
    RIP Zaney💔



  13. Stocks

    Quantity of Grenade Objects

  14. Stocks

    robbing cop guns

    -1 . If it was implemented, it would devalue the amount of street AR's and SMG's. People would abuse it, and after the abusing stage is over, every robbery / shootout / interaction with cops would have Class 2's and 3's involved due to a surplus of PD Automatics in criminal's possession.

    RIP Carlito 💔



  16. The time has come...






  18. ❄️



  19. We ain't going back 🥶 @roiice @Y0TA @Pris



  20. Stocks

    D’Angelo Treyvon Morreti v Luke Kennedy

    Your Honor, my attorney, Eric Woodall, who is representing me on this case, is out of town at the minute. I would humbly ask for a continuance on this case to be reset at a later date since he is not in town at the moment, to be reset to the date of August 1st when he gets back in town. Thank you, Luke Kennedy
  21. See you guys soon! Miss y'all ❤️ @Hank Hilliams @Ms Wickedz




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      I'm sorry! 😆

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      i guess u are forgivin xD


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