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    Kyle Crews R.I.P 7/28/18
    Tyler Hunt
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    Kyle Crews is a caucasian male who was adopted and grew up in Liberty City and moved her when he turned 18 to meet his real dad. Kyle Crews LOVES cars and guns.. When he became a teen he was given his first gun. It was a hunting rifle that he absolutely loved and killed many animals with it. In his high school days he became the type to go to parties, but not become a druggie. He tried pot like every other kid and smoked it occasionally. He got his driver's licence as soon as he turned 17 and drove a lot of people to and from parties and made a lot of money doing it He went to college for criminal justice and graduated with a 2:1 in criminal justice. Kyle crews owns many guns (with a CCW and licences for some of the guns) and drives a highly modified Grotti Turismo that he cherishes. Kyle Crews has many friends that he considers family such as Reagan Tucker, Vadim Kalashnikov, Hanna, and Jack Marino. Although it is extremely easy to get along and become friends with Kyle those are his closest.
    Gone But not forgotten, 7/28/18 Drive-by shooting

    Tyler was raised in a decent area of Long Island NY. He grew up around street racing and loved car shows. Tyler is a loyal human being who will stick by you side (Thats if he is on your side in the first place) Tyler is very friendly and even if you've only known him for a short period of time he will act like he has known you for years. Tyler is a DOC officer and hopes to stay one and move up in the ranks.

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  1. thatjdmlif3


  2. thatjdmlif3

    Better Liveries

    I like these very much. I approve lol
  3. thatjdmlif3

    Favourite Car?

    Is this even a question for me. If I had a dollar for everytime I've talked about an Evo i'd be as rich as I am in game! And this is just an excuse to post pics of Evo's so
  4. thatjdmlif3

    POST Your In real life Age here .

    @ZoeHow tf do you call me a "Wittle babye" lmaoooo. I a year and like 5 months younger
  5. thatjdmlif3

    POST Your In real life Age here .

    14 turing 15 in January
  6. thatjdmlif3

    Adventures of Misha Kolzov

    Actually I believe I was selling @Terry Beacha truck of mine
  7. thatjdmlif3

    Trap house party

    Ever wanted to get drunk and high with a shit ton of people with free weed and liquor? Then this is perfect for you! Kyle Crews will be hosting a trap house party that consists of smoking, drinking and chill at his property. At 5 P.M EST we will all meet up at the LSC in Sandy shores located on route 68 and cruise there when we are ready. Planned activities Drinking Smoking Hanging out Posible street races Gambling RULES No fighting! If you do you will be kicked out and if found trying to get back in you will be shot by security There is a $5,000 admission but after that all the weed and alcohol is free You and NOT street racing while under the influence of any substance Keep it chill. Once you walk through security you drop your beef. Security will remove your weapons so leave them in your car or have security hold them, only certain people will me permitted to bring weapons on the premises Let's make this a fun night and maybe we will be able to host more!
  8. thatjdmlif3

    Comedy Night

    Kyle Crews - First time Comedian
  9. Just gettin' some gas

    FiveM - USA _ REALISM ROLEPLAY _ https___www.usarrp.net _ 32 SLOT 6_26_2018 10_26_40 AM.png

    FiveM - USA _ REALISM ROLEPLAY _ https___www.usarrp.net _ 32 SLOT 6_26_2018 10_26_22 AM.png

  10. Isn't this just the best looking car you've ever seen? Yea, so do I



  11. thatjdmlif3

    Post your internet speedtest here.

    This is from the shitty state of NY
  12. thatjdmlif3

    BCSO Training Session - 26th May 2018


    I can not make it as I am going to see family for memorial day weekend
  13. So I believe I made a report similar to this about 2 or more months ago. The Karin Kuruma has a base price of $370,000 and is extremely slow even with upgrades. I was just hanging out with @Boris and his Jester (With a base price of $350,000) smoked me and topped out at about 250mph while I only topped at about 160mph (Both our cars are fully upgraded). I was just seeing if maybe The Kuruma can have a similar scrip to that if not the same because I feel for the money I spent I should get some more power then some $30,000 sports car. I'm not trying to bitch and complain but i've never really been given a clear answer on what will happen. Thanks for reading this and have a nice day.
  14. None of you may remember an old friend, an old pal that would hurt a fly unless you antagonized him to. Known for pot, illegal activity, and much more. His name is Kyle Gritser and he decided to change his life and do something positive. Kyle Gritser is a United States Marine officer as of 4/21/18. He will be back in town tomorrow and will be wearing his gear. If you see him please stop by and say hello as he lost most of his friends after being gone so long!

    1. MichaelMotorcycl


      "an old pal that would hurt a fly unless you antagonized him to."

      Dude, Nik Sr. and you used to go and rob and murder truckers. You also robbed with Chris Tucker and his friends

  15. Kyle Crews has unfortunately fallen into a deep coma on 4-9-18. He was on top of Mount Chiliad and eventually after trying to be talked out of it he unfortunately jumped. He has broken a massive number of bones and doctors don't believe he will ever wake up but he does have enough money stored away to pay the bills for right now. No-one knows at this time why he had done such a thing but we may never know if he doesnt wake up.

    1. distritic


      Better fucking wake up.

    2. LazyWoodz


      That's what he gets for knocking my bike