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Why not start your law enforcement career with the Blaine County Sheriffs Office apply today and start out as a corrections officer and work all the way up to Sheriff.

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    Travis Taps - Los Santos Lawyer
    Richard Strecklin - BCSO Correctional Deputy / PillBox Medical Nurse
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    Applicant Name: Richard Strecklin

    Applicant Backstory:

    Early Years

    Richard Strecklin was born to John and Elizabeth Strecklin. John served in the military while his wife Elizabeth worked for the government as a private contractor in information security. Richard grew up with an older brother, Jake, and a younger sister Donna. The life of a military family was hard, and kept the family moving around from one base to the next, one country to the next.

    Both parents' work kept them very busy so the kids' lives were spent attending private schools on bases or playing together at their home on base. Life was simple but often boring in a world of constant tight security. One day while at a base overseas, Richard and his brother and sister were walking back from the school to their home. On the way passing the south post entrance there was a sudden explosion. The heat and shock of the explosion sent Richard and his brother and sister flying and landed hard against a vehicle. As his vision returned in a haze a sudden pain filled his right arm as he looked down and saw it badly broken. He quickly looked around for his brother and sister. To his horror he saw his Sister holding his brother in her lap.. Blood coming from his nose and mouth and his eyes open and not moving.

    Suddenly a scream from the entrance demands his attention away from his disbelief. Soldiers pointing weapons at a man who is holding a boy about Richard’s age to his chest while he points something at the soldiers. He is shouting.. What is he saying Richard thinks to himself… the American boy in his arms scream and struggles to get free. The man carrying the boy suddenly locked eyes with Richard and started walking towards him. He screamed at the soldiers all around him telling them to back up.

    Richard was frozen, he couldn’t even move his head, but quickly became aware of something breaking that sight line. A single soldier came from seemingly nowhere, placing his body between him and the man. He looked back and smiled briefly at Richard as he returned his eyes down the barrel of his rifle. With a sharp snap the man fell backwards.. The hostage boy free from his captor.

    Over the next several days the base mourned the passing of the people who lost their lives. Richard and his family lost a large part of their family as they laid Jake to rest. Richard swore that he would never freeze again.. He swore he would not be helpless or unable to protect others… he swore to be the man who stood in front of danger… that day was the begining to Richard’s path.

    Training Day

    Richard dedicated himself to his education and training. As he grew he began training w/ the soldiers. He wanted to sharpen his mind as well as his body. He moved with his family back to the states and continued his training. Joining ROTC in high school and leaving there with commendation and as a leader of his unit he went directly to the Las Santos Police Academy. He went through training making friends and graduating with honors. Now he wants to hit the streets as well as continue his education in criminal justice and build a career and a life of service.

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  1. Petition of Expunction Full Name of Petitioner: Travis Tapps, AAL Full Name of Requester: Honest, Lee Date of Birth: April 20th 1990 Image / ID: Last Arrest: 08-12-2019 Nature of Request: Full Expunction of Requester's criminal record Grounds for Consideration: Requester has met all conditions set herein and specified by local, state, and federal statutes for consideration of expunction of criminal record where in the requester has: Not been arrested or cited within the last 2 calendar weeks from today's date. No active wants or warrants Has demonstrated a desire to provide service to our community by intending to join the Blain County Sheriffs Office as a Correctional Deputy. Volunteered time at the PillBox in order to give back to our fine city in a time of need (Mr. Proctor can provide testimony if so desired) Is able to make the immediate payment of $250 USD in fine for the single offense on his / her record Petitioner would also submit the following for consideration on behalf of the requester: This was the requester's first and only offense in the city and on record Active Warrants: None Community Service: Served at Pillbox as described above Humbly submitted before the Honorable Justices of Los Santos for immediate consideration and decision. Sincerely, Travis Taps, AAL (OOC: Note - havent been able to pay bar yet pending judge slap my hand if bad) TAPS LEGAL 853-50-601 cl | knightmare#6252 email TAPS LEGAL - Record Expungement Form - Honest Lee.pdf
  2. TravisTaps


    Information about our services: https://docs.google.com/document/d/194EbP3wbCCtDu17wUxLAMte1EMOMFzrDlfphGHEP_bo/edit?usp=sharing Contact us Today: https://forms.gle/kbe3gLFvzr93QLpm8 | 853-50-601 ck | knightmare#5252 em
  3. TravisTaps

    Valuing Life Rule??

    I would like to also kindly submit another thread... running up to a cop or CO and asking how many are online or "in the city" destroys RP in my opinion. This is a ploy to game the system. I would hope folks would want to RP their characters assuming that there are always enough police officers around doing their civic duty for the city regardless of how many players are on. Secondly.. from my perspective (Just mind and I am fully open to others) it seems that for the most part the sentences are a joke.. or at the very least not enough to discourage someone from doing something I would have a hard time believing they would otherwise due if they had a healthy respect for incarceration or the potential 2x 3x strike rules that are out there on multiple offenses. Im just a lowely CO but while a good number of folks go in.. serve their time.. and go out.. many act in ways I would call.. un-natural.. no regards for their life (maybe not mortally but from a time stand point) or the potential consequences of actions taken while on the "inside". I would propose a system to increase sentence time for repeat offenses while under custody. I know there are some of these already but I feel there is not enough potential bite existing now to give folks a healthy "moment of pause" before doing something just well.. stupid. thanks
  4. TravisTaps

    Potential In Game Radio Station

    Howdy, I have an interest to explore the creation / curation of a in game radio station. Due to music licensing issues this station would be primarily talk but give a chance to bring in different characters in the area for local pieces and interests. Not sure on the mechanics of how this could work but thought I would bring it up as something I would be interested in taking on.
  5. TravisTaps

    First Day Fun!

    Howdy, Just did pretty much a full day on server and wanted to say how much fun I had. I appreciate all the great role play and fun! From my interview / the BCSO (watch those left hooks) to hanging at the BugerShot. Loved every minute! See yall soon! -Micah aka Travis Taps aka Richard Strecklin
  6. TravisTaps

    Introductions come say Hi

    Howdy! Happy to be here! A friend introduced me and I am excited to get rolling. Sub-ing applications currently and getting characters setup! Looking forward to meeting yall online!
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