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    Travis Taps - Los Santos Lawyer
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    Applicant Name: Richard Strecklin

    Applicant Backstory:

    Early Years

    Richard Strecklin was born to John and Elizabeth Strecklin. John served in the military while his wife Elizabeth worked for the government as a private contractor in information security. Richard grew up with an older brother, Jake, and a younger sister Donna. The life of a military family was hard, and kept the family moving around from one base to the next, one country to the next.

    Both parents' work kept them very busy so the kids' lives were spent attending private schools on bases or playing together at their home on base. Life was simple but often boring in a world of constant tight security. One day while at a base overseas, Richard and his brother and sister were walking back from the school to their home. On the way passing the south post entrance there was a sudden explosion. The heat and shock of the explosion sent Richard and his brother and sister flying and landed hard against a vehicle. As his vision returned in a haze a sudden pain filled his right arm as he looked down and saw it badly broken. He quickly looked around for his brother and sister. To his horror he saw his Sister holding his brother in her lap.. Blood coming from his nose and mouth and his eyes open and not moving.

    Suddenly a scream from the entrance demands his attention away from his disbelief. Soldiers pointing weapons at a man who is holding a boy about Richard’s age to his chest while he points something at the soldiers. He is shouting.. What is he saying Richard thinks to himself… the American boy in his arms scream and struggles to get free. The man carrying the boy suddenly locked eyes with Richard and started walking towards him. He screamed at the soldiers all around him telling them to back up.

    Richard was frozen, he couldn’t even move his head, but quickly became aware of something breaking that sight line. A single soldier came from seemingly nowhere, placing his body between him and the man. He looked back and smiled briefly at Richard as he returned his eyes down the barrel of his rifle. With a sharp snap the man fell backwards.. The hostage boy free from his captor.

    Over the next several days the base mourned the passing of the people who lost their lives. Richard and his family lost a large part of their family as they laid Jake to rest. Richard swore that he would never freeze again.. He swore he would not be helpless or unable to protect others… he swore to be the man who stood in front of danger… that day was the begining to Richard’s path.

    Training Day

    Richard dedicated himself to his education and training. As he grew he began training w/ the soldiers. He wanted to sharpen his mind as well as his body. He moved with his family back to the states and continued his training. Joining ROTC in high school and leaving there with commendation and as a leader of his unit he went directly to the Las Santos Police Academy. He went through training making friends and graduating with honors. Now he wants to hit the streets as well as continue his education in criminal justice and build a career and a life of service.

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  1. TravisTaps

    Rodeo Law | Nick Martin v. Dept. Sheriff Thomas Miller

    NOTE: * If you need somewhere to stick / create google files: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Cyi5ixg3-SNtOQqiQs2TfTRi-S_0E2N-?usp=sharing (feel free to create case specific folders as this will be helpful for both parties) * There is also a subpeona generator if you want to use it: https://forms.gle/bwki5VtRpcUkBYfs6
  2. TravisTaps

    Rodeo Law | Alex Taylor v Jacob Charleton

    SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF SAN ANDREAS FOR THE COUNTY OF BLAINE COURTROOM 1 TBD JUDGE Alex Taylor Plaintiff, VS. Jacob Charleton, Defendant. ___________________________________ NO. 8062020001 DOCKETED TO APPEAR This case is docketed to appear before the court on 13 AUGUST 2020 at 2100 CDT. Both parties are now open / subject to discovery until 24 hrs prior to court date. Motions will be taken in regards to this case up to 1 hour preceding the scheduled time and date. @Country / @Mephistophilis
  3. TravisTaps

    Rodeo Law | Nick Martin v. Dept. Sheriff Thomas Miller

    @kagemwf -- Thank you for your response. I just wanted to take a second and provide some clarity on Civil proceedings. Civil proceedings should not be confused with criminal trials. They are preceded over by a judge and not a jury There is not true burden of proof as there is the plaintiff vrs the defendant working to convince the judge (by submission of evidence or testimony) that some damage was done to the plaintiff and that the defendant is responsible for that damage There is no such thing as a "bench trial" as again there is no "trial". After submission of a suit the court will schedule a court date where the case will be heard Allows enough time to submit for subpoenas for data / testimony etc Allows for enough time for defense to file counter suits if they feel it is necessary Allows for enough time for both sides to have shared discovery so each side is aware of what evidence / testimony will be presented at the court date Allows for enough time for both sides to come to an agreement / resolution outside of court. The leading piece here is there is not "guilt" or "innocence" at play or being argued that would lead to a judicial sentence for a felony or misdemeanor. It purely a place where two parties can have their dispute heard and ruled on by a judge based on the story / evidence that is presented and that ruling is legally binding. Hopefully this helps! Let me know if you have any additional questions etc. thanks
  4. TravisTaps

    Expungement Request - Jaden James Smith

    @dnvrfantj - there appears to be several of these in our system. Your client will need to come in the city and arrange to speak w/ a judge. thanks
  5. TravisTaps

    Chewy Long Jr V. Elias Jayce

    This Case is now closed with out prejudice.
  6. TravisTaps

    Legal Update - Arraignments, Bail, and MORE Oooh My!

    We discussed it a bit.. certainly a bond company being willing to put up assets or cash is something we could do now.... as far as bail enforcement agents I think the plan is to use LEO's for that currently to enforce / help the bond agencies. I think if we can get some of these steps rolling currently.. adding a job like that could be pretty cool. NOTE: Just my opinion here. thanks
  7. Howdy Los Santos! I wanted to take a few minutes and chat w/ you about a couple of changes we have been working on w/ the legal system. We want you to always have the option to “fight” your charges. We recognize that in the past this was very difficult as it required finding legal representation being put on long holds etc etc.. We have placed a few things in the city that we are still working on but should help combat this. Arraignments If you are arrested and do not agree or want to fight your charges (doesn’t matter how big or small) then please inform the officer that you would like to fight the charges and would like an arraignment. The officer will place you on an “Up To” 24 hr hold and notify the judges who will make arrangements to come and complete your arraignment (virtually on telecom or in city) within that time frame. The purpose of the arraignment: Make sure you know your rights Make sure you understand the charges and possible time / fine To take your plea on each charge (guilty, not guilty, no contest) Set Bail For this step don’t be afraid to do this w/ out a lawyer but its ultimately your call DA is also optional as the arresting agency can fill in as the prosecuting party at this point. Bail In order to ensure that we aren’t keeping people locked in jail forever while waiting on the court system we have implemented a bail system. Once arraigned you may be able to be released on bail pending the outcome of your court case. While out on bail certain conditions could be applied by the judge (including but not limited too) No arrests else forfeit bail (go to jail) $$ to be surrendered to the court and held pending outcome and forfeited for failure to appear at court proceedings. Loss of vehicles / property for failure to appear at court proceedings. Lawyer Availability Availability of lawyers in the city has been ruff. We are holding classes now and am happy to say we have 5 new attorneys in the city. We will continue to recruit! Judge Availability If you need a judge post in the legal lobby we typically and hop in pretty quickly. We also can do things on telecom if necessary Prosecution Availability DA’s office continue to push forward and is working w/ citizens and LEO organizations to help things be more fluid Just b/c a member of the DA is not available does not mean we can’t proceed with some proceedings. The Story We have a mission to attempt and close classes no more than 7 days from the start. This is a RP and where gathering evidence and presenting a good case based on case law is good we want to also push the “story” aspect. Do not be afraid to focus on telling us a good story and less about dotting every I or crossing each T. Be thorough, do your best, but don’t kill yourself on every detail. Roadmap – Things being worked on Bail – Working on automating this system so that it can be done at arrest Community – Working on a “Meet your Services Day” in the city to foster more dialogue between people and our Justice, DA, LEO, and Health Services. (Car Raffle for sure) Parole – We are working w/ BCSO on a parole system and it is rolling out but still maturing. Bail Agency PC business?? Interested let me know. Law School / Recruiting - working to refine / shoot for 1x a month As always thanks for working w/ us as we strive to make things better. We hear you and want to continue to improve. If you ever have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to let me know.
  8. TravisTaps

    Rodeo Law Expungement Request | Bill Carter

    Done / Approved / PAID
  9. TravisTaps

    Zane Mcclain's Death Sentence Appeal

    SUPREME COURT OF SAN ANDREAS NOTICE OF HEARING OF APPEAL Zane Mcclain, Plaintiff(s) v. The State, Defendant(s) APPEAL FINDINGS Let it be known that on this the 25th day of July 2020 that the Supreme Court of San Andreas, having fully reviewed all testimony, evidence, and statements presented to the panel in regards to the Appeal of the sentence of DEATH by Judge David Tindell do submit the following findings: - In the matter of the sentence of DEATH this panel finds to UPHOLD the sentence of Judge Tindell. The sentence shall be carried out Saturday the 1st of August 2020 at 2100 CDT. This hearing is now closed.
  10. TravisTaps

    Chewy Long Jr V. Elias Jayce

    I have made my ruling and judgement. If council would like to submit an additional motion I am happy to hear it. Secondly if plaintiff wishes to enter a formal request / notice of withdrawal that is up to them.
  11. TravisTaps

    Zane Mcclain's Death Sentence Appeal

    SUPREME COURT OF SAN ANDREAS NOTICE OF HEARING OF APPEAL Zane Mcclain, Plaintiff(s) v. The State, Defendant(s) NOTICE The panel of judges has heard from both sides of this matter and has completed deliberation on this case. The finding of the panel will be released as soon as possible (OOC: Pending a response from somone). The finding were unanimous by the following Judges: Chief Justice Travis Tapps Associate Justice Reece Middleton Judge Alister Sterling Judge Sheila Bekowitz NOTE: Judge David Tindell was present but did not provide opinion or vote as the appeal was based on his initial ruling. ****** IMPORTANT OOC NOTICE****** Howdy Everyone, It is important that everyone understands the following. This case has been a first for this server. Some things went well and other things did not. It has been a great learning experience. With that said it is CRITICAL that folks understand a couple things. This Server will NEVER force a person to kill off their character. When ever a situation like this comes up we want the DA, LEO, and the person involved to have the story and RP that benefits all of them. This means that we want the LEO and the DA's to RP and push charges they feel are warranted w/ out having to worry about OOC implications We want the defendant to also RP out the situation as far as pushing back and defending themselves and getting their day in court if they want. EVERYONE should know that: When the death sentence is possible I (ONLY myself or a member of staff) have a direct (and often multiple) OOC conversation(s) w/ the effected party where I ask how they would like to proceed. IF they want to ensure their story will continue I watch and ensure (only inject myself if necessary) that the outcome does not inadvertently lead to their execution. IF they want to roll w/ the RP and are happy w/ the outcome then we go from there. The KEY point is that it is never us v them or trying to bully someone.. trust me the individual is consulted all the way through. (no... they dont get to negotiate their sentence ;). The other thing is speed.. This was a learning instance and I fully respect and thank Zane for playing along. We could have not gotten this far w/ out him and he has been a great sport through all of it. We have sense done things that if a jury trial is needed we have people on standby We are working to build more defense attorneys We are working to ensure the DA's office is running smoothly. We work in corroboration w/ the LEO organizations to provide them help and MOST importantly we continue to push for neutrality in the Justice system to ensure that the people and justice is equally served. We will do our best to accommodate as much as we can but there are city limits from time to time that make this hard. My door is ALWAYS open.. I am pretty easy to talk to and welcome feedback in DM's or directly. Thanks as always and much love TravisTapps / Richard Strecklin... call me (OOC: Micah). ***********************************
  12. TravisTaps

    Chewy Long Jr V. Elias Jayce

    Motion was submitted while at the same time submitting arguments outside of the court room. If you would like to re-submit your motion (pending council not withdrawing the suit) your welcome to but should be non-argumentative based on fact and having solid grounds. As the prior motion was included as part of, in my ruling, improper procedure by council it has been denied.
  13. TravisTaps

    Chewy Long Jr V. Elias Jayce

    @jay17 - Your motion to dismiss is denied. If the submitted @betteroffinsane wishes to withdraw the case he is welcome to at this point. He can not dismiss the case but he may withdraw the case if he so desires. Again despite this as it was a filed case on record if you or your client wish to file a counter suit your are more then welcome to proceed as its a matter of public record at this time.
  14. TravisTaps

    Chewy Long Jr V. Elias Jayce

    SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF SAN ANDREAS FOR THE COUNTY OF BLAINE COURTROOM 1 HON. TRAVIS TAPPS Chewy Long Jr Plaintiff, VS. Elias Jayce, Defendant. ___________________________________ NO. 07242020001 NOTICE OF HEARING CIVIL LAW Foremost and to be clear from this point forward. The place of filing for law suites for court proceedings will not be used as a platform to argue points among-st each other. The place for that is in the court room during the scheduled hearing or proceeding where a Judge can mediate and direct OR between the two parties in private to come to an agreement outside of the court room. In this instance I find that both attorneys conducted themselves poorly and set a poor example and there fore fine them in contempt and asses a penalty of $5,000 USD each to be paid to a judge henceforth. Secondly the courts are happy to entertain and take motions / grant subpoenas etc as part of these instances but it shall be done in a professional manner and not subject or wrapped with passive aggressiveness nor negative remarks or attempts to argue the case. With this said I will be DENYING the motion to dismiss in its current form. Prosecution or Defense may enter additional motions with grounds as they see fit. I encourage both parties to speak to one another outside of proceedings to determine if a mutual resolution can be reached. Thirdly moving forward Civil cases do not require approval before proceeding. Once filed it is filed and pending scheduling a docket slot. A counter suit can be filed on it etc etc.. but it does not need to be approved by a judge prior to proceeding. Pending any additional motions or notice of resolution this case will be schedule to be heard on 7 AUG 2020 @1830 CDT. @jay17 | @betteroffinsane
  15. TravisTaps

    Zane Mcclain's Death Sentence Appeal

    Due to availability this hearing took place over telecon. Judges will be in deliberation and will supply the panel's findings / response henceforth. thanks
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