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  1. Em.

    Prison Suggestions

    You guys probably didn't know but times have been greatly reduced as of recently.... PC 245 which used to be 45 is now 25 pretty sure 211(a) and a few other charges got reduced. I like the black market idea but I think in a sense it'll be unrealistic because what kind of inmate has enough money in PRISON to buy that stuff. Maybe being able to search the beds and other places like the kitchen gives you a chance of getting string and plastic chips and then from that you can craft a shank and obviously the kitchen you have a chance of getting a nice. Another issue is its not the times in
  2. This was suggested way before that place your talking about , by multiple people
  3. Em.

    2v1 for Cops too

    Well If I'm being honest the amount that gets shit talked to some of us is a huge YIKES, if we're talking shit rp take a look at most of the gang rp. I'm gonna be more lenient when given more rp, people should rob the bank for the rp not just for the money and that's what most people do. Like I said the example of Charlie and AJ's was for the purpose of content and RP not for the sake of money because let's be honest thats what most care for. Limiting that scene to so many cops would have made the whole scenario shitty. Like Charlie said I think its just people who want to win on
  4. Em.

    2v1 for Cops too

    I think the "Favouritism" is a iffy one, we give good rp to the other good rper's. The reason why we give such large times and fines to certain people is because they do the same shit over and over again its boring being given the same rp. This is just a 2 sided suggestion....Maybe get rid of the 2:1 ratio for crims as sometimes it ruins rp between gangs etc etc. I don't see why I should try and give good RP to people that just throw that shit back in my face by reciprocating crap RP. People always moan about "Cops win mentality" but i bet if the scenario went your
  5. Em.

    2v1 for Cops too

    I doubt many people know this because the people who make comments or tend to make thee suggestions don't have cop characters or haven't experienced it yet. but if you didn't know most of the time when there's a chase and there's like 3-4 units on it and someone tries to attach. Someone over the radio will say "We don't need any extra units" or something along those lines. To be honest this just sounds like a bad idea limiting cops to how many can be on a scene because some people might not be able to go to a call at all because of this ratio rule that some people want cops to have.
  6. Em.

    2v1 for Cops too

    100% i led the whole negotiations side of the scenario , has to be some of the best rp I have saw in a long time. I think by implementing the ratio rule wouldn't do anything if I'm being honest, like Charlie said you shouldn't need to limit cops to a scenario to improve the crim side of rp.
  7. Em.

    2v1 for Cops too

    I just feel like limiting it to 2 cops to stuff will increase Gunplay over Roleplay because people will just want to shoot their way out of the situation. I disagree with it improving the rp, it won't it would make it worse
  8. People in the server tend to like being arms dealers to crims. I like the fact that guns have Serial numbers so cops can trace it back to the original owner, but i would love for there to be a way we can scratch the Serial number off the gun so it would make it harder to catch the arms dealers and they can continue there gun dealing rp between people and gangs. not sure how it would work because i dont dev or anything.
  9. I main 2 characters , Emma Maat which is my cop character and Amelia Davies which is my crim character. I main my crim ALOT more then my cop character due to me having more fun with friends on my crim. Me and I believe a few others feel the same way about robberies and criminal activity there is so much we can do. Like the Bank Robbery and Jewellery Store heist is the only thing we can really rob. I think that everyone knows by now that the Casino isn't going and am myself annoyed kind of and I expect a few others are too but I think there could be something we could possibly do w
  10. RPG put IC ads out like all the time, I think there's at least 1 salesman from rpg on every single day
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