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  1. Em.

    Shooting while in a vehicle

    That's so weird , I honestly have no idea
  2. Em.

    Shooting while in a vehicle

    If there is no driver in the vehicle while your trying to shoot thats what stopping you. It tries to shuffle you to the driver. But like travis said it could just be scuff where you shoot 1 and reload etc.
  3. Em.

    Heist! But not that kind!

    The server struggles texture wise ever since the BMW's were implemented this wouldn't even let us drive on the roads anyone
  4. Em.

    Burgershot Improvements

    I like that you guys are trying to improve the civilian RP which we don't have a lot of nowadays , I feel the part about unlocking and locking the doors will most likely never be a thing due to the fact that some people may abuse it when a crim comes to get a hostage etc and also that would maybe only apply if someone actually owned Burger shot... which of course you can RP that. I like the idea about the storage as people don't have to wait as long I also wish there was a job for burgershot a bit like the taxi one, where you clock on and people inside make the burgers and it spawns
  5. Em.


    I use PC 646 which IC is a penal code for harassment , I do give people high times and fines depending on their RP. I'm not gonna sit there and just take it on the chin like its nothing. I really want RP to improve and these suggestions help do so, people who just shoot to get away need to be punished because reporting them doesn't do much because they just stay good for like 2 weeks and then are back to their shitty antics. I sometimes do feel bad for some people who are sat in the jail for awhile. I don't do it often only when I feel like it deems fit
  6. Em.


    So in my comment I'm gonna be completely transparent. I just feel like this a so called "salt fest" due to the fact that you were sent to Jail by Wallis for 120 months yesterday, high prison times are justified by multiple factors.... I hate to pull the "I'm a female" card but It is actually what factors most of the arrests I do with higher times. I try to be as nice as I possibly can and make it fair for everyone so we can all have an enjoyable experience but the RP is always hindered by someone who is salty that they lost something... yes I do understand the frustration of the "c
  7. The motion to dismiss had numerous amounts of facts that you and your client decided to overlook when filing the lawsuit; the motion was filed similarly, that thereof, of previous civil court filings. The grounds for dismissal is the failure to state a claim on which relief can be granted. The ALLEGATIONS stated that I did not give any medical care violating the 8th, sent the plaintiff to jail knowing he had injuries, and that the plaintiff was in jail for several minutes bleeding out. The above statements posted before disprove all allegations stated in the, since changed, lawsuit.
  8. I, Emma Davies will be self-representing and seeking co-counsel if this goes to trial; with that being said I am bringing forward a motion against this case. For starters, here is a little clarification for the presiding Judge on this suit: The statement that the plaintiff brings forth is missing a large portion of what happened during the detainment process. The plaintiff struck my car, to which I stated he would be receiving a ticket for vandalism. After informed of this he proceeded to tackle me and try to run away. After that, I had decided that the plaintiff would instead be
  9. Em.

    Camera, Selfie

  10. Em.


    Okay as much as I agree and this is a good suggestion for another way for crims to get out of cuffs , the issue that I would like to bring up is the fact that people camp pillbox with the door hit off / open to their vehicle so the person in cuffs can get inside the vehicle. I have been told by many different people that this is actually against the rules which falls under power gaming. Having another uncuffing place would be a good idea eg: the foundry by Labor Place. So I'm a meh
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