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  1. Em.

    Locks on Certain areas of the Hospital

    +1 I hate having to literally shout at someone that is walking in and out of the doctor's surgery rooms
  2. Em.


    This is where I think if loans were implemented it would be done through a business , so if you do not pay it back in say 2 weeks they will send people to repossess assets eg ; Cars , Properties. I do agree this neds a lot of proofing to make sure it works the way it is intended to work and that will take time.
  3. Em.

    Draco still scuffed

    So I was just watching someones stream and they got 1 tapped by a draco , but didn't get a gsw they got a fall wound. Here is the clip - https://clips.twitch.tv/AgreeableOutstandingConsoleTBCheesePull Here is also a picture of the wound and it says bruised.
  4. Em.


    I kind of like this idea, for the sole reason that we could then get business proposals for bailiffs / repossession businesses . I think it would increase RP within that scene greatly
  5. Em.

    /search for cars

    I've had this a few times but only for a few cars others I can search fine
  6. Em.

    My items disappeared

    If your character owns a White Baller , I was on my cop character and seized them after you took a nap
  7. Em.

    Bandaging while in Gunfights

    The animation that was added makes it so you have to wait for that animation to finish because you can continue to shoot. Rn it’s pretty balanced but I think the weight should be reduced
  8. Today I shot my gun at someone in my car that was stationary and for some reason I got thrown out the car just like if I was unseated by someone. I don't have any videos but I think travis has made a bug report about something like this
  9. Em.


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