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    A poor 21 year old from Wales in search of the American dream. She knows what’s she wants but not entirely sure how to get it. Maybe moving to Ls is the way to complete her dreams. Emma Left home because of her parents, they were alcoholics and were addicted to drugs and she had enough of it, so she left in search of a new clean life. Her parents often spend there money from their low income jobs on drugs so her family struggled dearly every day. Emma didn't know what path to take when she got to the city and as time went on she decided she wanted to become and LEO.

    Amelia came in search of her sister as she hasn't seen or heard off her in years until her parents told her that her sister lives in Los santos. so she got the first flight to LS and began her search but after weeks she couldn't find anything related to her. So in frustration she decided to turn to crime and met a guy that was part of a gang called the reapers. Amelia was told by her friends that it is a bad idea to become a gang member but she didn't listen she joined and ended up shooting officers at a robbery and ever since that day she regretted it. so after thinking about it and the potential emotional harm she could cause to the people around her she decided to leave the reapers after a week or so. she started bothering with Naomi , Misty and Sarah who are legal. then one day Amelia went to pillbox to see misty as she was being treated medically she met a guy called Daniel Palmer. Now Danny and Amelia are engaged.

    Filet is a old granny from the UK who came to adventure her wild side in LS with her husband Phillip which she thought was dead... but turns out he got on the wrong train. Although it says Filet is born in 1971 that's just a border patrol officers fault because of his poor hand writing on her certificate. filet struggle with arthritis and finding friends. so as soon as she got to the city she robbed a tattoo store so she could become friends with officers. A.Diaz and Repsi turned up to the scene and filet gave herself up. and all because of that she now has many friends like Cas , Reyka and Dallas. Filet also gets very irritated when she doesn't get her way and that explains why she always hits officers with bats when she gets annoyed. Now that Phillip has arrived in the city she has become a lot more happier and also now has a cooking show that she runs with Phillip where they have made a selection of foods ranging from cookies to brownies and maybe soon a chicken curry.

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  1. 3mma

    Co-owning Businesses again

    I joined the server on April 2nd 2020 , and never owned a business but know people who have/do. i was told IC and OOC that we were able to co-own stores before the server reset. i also agree this should be a thing and i was also there when Laura was giving discounts etc etc and myself and Kirby aka Yota were RPing as sales women/men. it brought some fun to having a business other then just the money so PHAT +1 from me chief
  2. 3mma

    Add "previous location" as an extra spawn option when you fly in

    its about role play not about where i headpopped and my car is there, i'll just get it from insurance. its unrealistic in a sense because for example. someone could have headpopped or combat logged in a MRPD cell and the officer doesn't want to wait so they patrol and put a warrant out... the officer then comes back with another 10-15 and the guy just randomly spawns in a cell...its just unrealistic... solution is just adding more spawn points
  3. 3mma

    Add "previous location" as an extra spawn option when you fly in

    Oh 100% theres lots of things that are unrealistic. ive been here 6 months... but there is no way to get it to 100% realism we're in a video game. i would just try and find other locations we could spawn at other then Legion , Sandy , Paleto and your property. like maybe one on GOH or somewhere in that area.
  4. 3mma

    Add "previous location" as an extra spawn option when you fly in

    not saying to shut it down... im saying that he could suggest other spawn locations then the other 4 we have in a another suggestion... this suggestion isn't locked people can still comment. just saying i wouldn't add it... this is a suggestion about spawn points not abusing a cuffing system. Im just saying its unrealistic to spawn literally on someones head if there stood where you were stood when you logged out. imagine just being in the middle of nowhere and a dude just pops up in your face...
  5. 3mma

    Add "previous location" as an extra spawn option when you fly in

    I mean instead of this , we could possibly find more places to spawn and not where you last was. an issue i would see with this is sometimes people tac-flight and then in like 10-15 they come back if they haven't been banned or warned and when they come back they'll just be back where they were uncuffed and free to roam. another issue would be if someone is injured on the side of the road and no LEO's or EMS is able to get to them or they don't even call they can just F8 quit and then load back up and be up again. also if you've been kidnapped and shot etc by someone and they drive off some pe
  6. When there was a rabbit in the road and you didn't want to run it over so you crash and fuck your face up :) 


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