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    A poor 20 year old from Wales in search of the American dream. She knows what’s she wants but not entirely sure how to get it. Maybe moving to Ls is the way to complete her dreams. Emma Left home because of her parents, they were alcoholics and were addicted to drugs and she had enough of it, so she left in search of a new clean life. Her parents often spend there money from their low income jobs on drugs so her family struggled dearly every day. now she has applied to become a cop

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  1. 3mma


    yea its honestly annoying now, all we see is San andreas Ave calls and without even looking at the map we already call on the radio "76 to burger shot" because we know its always there and in my honest opinion its cop baiting now because they know we get annoyed about the calls. As @GoddessNextDoor mentioned i was threatened the minute her and cas left to go to more important calls. its like if they do it on purpose just to try and create a scenario but unfortunately LEO's have frankly had enough of it in my opinion its not even RP its just plain shitlording now and also gangs act like its a turf but its not its literally a restaurant. i dont go sitting outside mcdonalds threatening everyone who walks past lol
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