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    a middleaged man named Jack and who is 44 years old who was a ex bank robber and is now back for revenge and is making new plans and heists buying guns and making some quick cash he is divorced and has 2 kids a girl and a boy his daughter is 19 and his son is 16 he moved to los santos because of his divorce and his dephts. Jack was in the army for 5 years in afghanistan and was a explosive expert thats why he is good with robbing banks and stores he saw a lot of things when he was in the army he dropped out of school when he was 18 and met his wife 2 years later at his work in the grocery store they married 3 years later in paris at the eifeltower and a year later they had they're first child elisabeth 4 years later he was send out to afghanistan after just having his first son Karl 5 years later he got back and a good friend from the army contacted him he had a job for him it was a bank robbery at one of they're local banks the plan was to use jammers to block all the singnals and secuirity systems the job went well and the men both made $750.000 from that job after that they did a lot of jobs about 7 and they made a rough total of 8.7 million
    but then they organised a bank robbery at the first world bank but they didnt't plan they're heist well and the secuirity systems uitsmarted them and Jack got a 8 year jail sentence and his good friend johhny got a sentence of 12 years because of his history after Jack his sentence his daughter was 16 and his son 13 but his wife had a affaire with her yoga trainer
    and they divorced and the wife left the house so it was Jack and his kids left and they visited they're moms house every weekend after 3 years karl was done and broken he promissed his kids he would come back after a few months and that he was going on vacation he left the kids with his ex-wife and he took the plane to los santos

    Ray teller is a 29 year old man who lives in charming a small town his family have bin officers of the law for a long time his father was a officer at the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) and his grandfather was the local sherrif in his town Ray himself joined the navy seals when he turned 24 and was a good hard working seal one of the best in his field altho one day he got unlucky when he was on a covert mission with his squad in afghanistan a group of local terrorist spotted them and started shooting at them on of the fighters threw a f-1 grenade at them and Ray got hit by the metal fragments in his back luckily for his squad the rest of the platoon arrived and helped them fight the fighters and killed them Ray was picked up by a medical helicopter and was later treated at the base and send off to a hospital where he was in coma for 2 weeks when he woke up he couldn't move his legs because of some of the small fragments hit his spine Ray had to learn how to walk again it took him 2 years and after that he was send back home his family was verry hapy to see him back and alive not so much later Ray turned 27 a few years later when he turned 29 ray decided to start a new live in los santos he promised his parents he would visit when he had his birthday now Ray has starded a new life and is back for action and is now in the BCSO

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  1. Djaya

    Get rid of the trees

    yeah these trees are so anoying i have crashed county-1 4 times and all of those times where into the trees in sandy - ik i'm a little late lol
  2. Djaya

    CLASSY Attire for Ladies

    +1 i'm not a female but i agree the female wardrobe is lacking
  3. Djaya


  4. Djaya

    robbing cop guns

    don't forget about the deputies and cadet's and other ranks that don't have a AR/SMG how are they going to defend themselfs when 2 crims roll up with AR's
  5. Djaya

    robbing cop guns

    -1 i agree its a rule for a reason
  6. Djaya

    Schafter 2 bug

    so when ever i buy the carbon fibre skirts for the Schafter 2 i get kicked for "Exploiting" this has happend twice at the exact time i buy the modification
  7. Djaya

    LEO whitelist

    @Endless thank you for responding but i was new to the community back in march and didn't really understand how it worked so
  8. Djaya

    whitelist not working

    i have bin whitelisted about a week or 2 ago and whenever i join the server ill be in the end off the full queue so i hope someone could help me with it. it would make me very happy thank you
  9. Djaya

    LEO whitelist

    how long does a it usually take for a answer on a LEO whitelist application and where can i find the reaction of my application
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