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Pillbox medical is always looking out for new upcoming medical professionals to enrol into its ranks. Start your career here today.

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There will never be a call that is the same can you think fast and put your training to action. If your answer is yes and you want to make a difference then apply to join now the Los Santos Fire Department needs you.

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Why not start your law enforcement career with the Blaine County Sheriffs Office apply today and start out as a corrections officer and work all the way up to Sheriff.

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The San Andreas State Police is always looking for committed well presented people to join its ranks and undertake a hard fought career in law enforcement along side our brothers in law enforcement in the Sheriffs Office.

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  1. you are a cute sir mah boi 

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      Joey Dillon

      *Blushes* Thankssss

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      Jameson Donovan

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  2. ? u the real champ For Real

    1. Joey Dillon

      Joey Dillon

      Hell yeah brother! Good races!

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      whoop whoop /0\

  3. Joey Dillon

    The Saturday Night Rally


    Thomas Diamond - Racer
  4. Joey Dillon

    always going bald?

    I've seen it happen to others and the only way to fix it is if you to go to the clothing store and re-do your entire character. What I would do is write down all your current numbers for your outfit down on a piece of paper for the clothing store and the barber shop. Once at the clothing store, click Female Multiplayer, and set your character back up and save. After, head to the barber shop and finish the final touches. Make sure you check out and you should no longer wake up bald. ?
  5. Joey Dillon

    Comedy Night

    Thomas Diamond - Spectator
  6. Joey Dillon

    Should the Server stay whitelisted?

    This can be hard depending on certain peoples work schedules, there needs to be more diversity when it comes to our player base. Hence me recommending more people need to be white-listed and/or it opened to the public on weekends. When I get on the server (sad to say) I'm lucky to see 10 players online. We did have an interaction once right behind the LSC when Lucy and I were talking to Alex. Not only yourself, but you and your friend were on motorbikes. Now I'm unsure if you remember this but that was Tommy's first impression of Mia. First impressions are everything to any character. The one and only person I ever see Mia with is Tony, driving off, never engaging in RP with anyone. Which is fine, to each is their own. I completely understand, unfortunately, all I did was state my opinion. I was not here when this vote was published, my vote may have not mattered at all at the time, but I would have liked to have a say so in it as well. It's community choice and if that's what they've chose then so be it. I guess what it comes down too is at certain times of day the server lacks players. Hence where diversity comes into play.
  7. Joey Dillon

    Should the Server stay whitelisted?

    We're all entitled to an opinion here, but I feel as If it should be a community vote. Considering that the community is what keeps this server up and running as well as the staff team. At the end of the day we're a COMMUNITY and have to take each and every single person(s) opinions seriously. We are all here to RP and enjoy ourselves, I was told once that the staff was here to "enhance" the RP of our community members. I see few doing so and others excelling at it, I'm going based on what I've seen. Myself and others have thought of great ideas to start good RP but we need people on the server at certain times to make it happen. My opinion is that you leave the server open to the public for a few WEEKENDS and see how it goes. If they like it they'll stay, if not, they won't care to apply for white-list. Everyone deserves a chance to prove themselves and I feel most are being held back. You also have to understand that the name of the server is "USA RP REALISM". Half of the people including the staff are from another country, it makes no sense. I think that the community admins should take the time to look and approve more applications to better others experiences within the server. I would love to see the community grow and enhance everyone's RP instead of the few far and in between. Let's stick together and make USA RP REALISM the best possible experience not only for ourselves but for everyone in general. I feel like some things are over looked and changes need to be made. That's just my too cents and my opinion. The community as a whole has the say for the most part. Best of wishes -Tommy D
  8. Joey Dillon

    Running fiveM on windows 7

    What are your computer specs? I run windows 7 and had a lot of issues when I first downloaded it. The only way I was able to get it to work properly was to right click on FiveM>Properties>Compatibility>Run this program in compatibility mode for:>Windows 7. Since a recent update this was no longer needed and actually caused me issues so I disabled compatibility mode. Give it a shot and let me know. Hope to see you in the server soon! ?
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