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  1. okay, im not going to try to be rude, i dont need a lesson on the rules, im not OOC salty, but if i see a cop do somthing stupid and instant cuff me, im gonna do somthing about it, because it just ruined my intent of rp. I cant see anything wrong with it if i RP it out, and I have a justified reason because I have a intent to do somthing and they have to step in the way, as its there job i understand but i dont get a chance to escape custody as they do instant cuff on time to time.
  2. I wouldnt just shoot a random cop, when at mrpd i ask for their badges and just deal with them after jaikl
  3. acctually i did lmfao im just saying if your gonna tackle me and do fucked shit like instant cuff ill punch you or shoot you idgaf, if i shoot it would be rped out and not shitty but dont expect me to just giggle after a instant cuff fucking my rp
  4. no ? why would we stop, theirs nothing against it, crims do not like cops because they be doing the most fucked shit, they tackle instant cuff, I dont know about you but ill punch you guys all I want, you technically have infinite bandages and tackle crims 24/7 as your only way to capture us, do something else and original then ill stop punching you guys lol
  5. Daniel04

    Searching cars

    as soon as the dedicated server went live, i searched cars as always, i went 7/7 on getting nothing from searching cars, Im not getting anything this may be needed to be looked into!
  6. Daniel04

    black market

    So i was watching WPGDiaz's stream per usual, and they were waiting for the thermite blackmarket and there was around 5-8 people waiting for it while only "baby monkey" could open it and bought all the thermite, im not to sure if this is a bug and he got lucky enough to be able to buy it, this isnt the first time this happend because I was watching waynekerrs stream the day before this happend and only he could open it while nobdoy else could aswell, just thought i would report it as its weird that some people can open it. If it is ment to be like this sorry and ignore this post
  7. Daniel04


    I think we should have like a movie night where we can watch memes of the months as a community in game at the FFC spot, Seems far fetched but i feel like mayby its possible and this would be sick to do, Also we have paintball why not like Car soccer at the airport or somthing like that, Car soccer would defo be possible without much needed other then mayby the ball, Movie night seems really far fetched but mayby possible
  8. Daniel04

    People abusing the tackling script to powergame

    tackling just to good tackle + p2w run is OP and most cops do it as soon as u get tackled your cuffed half the time and it just ruins rp when your in a chase make it so tackling doesnt knock you down for so long and the person who tackles is down longer then the person getting tackeld or else we just get cuffed
  9. Daniel04


    I think that if you Lockpick A car and it works you should improve a skill level of lock picking and hotwiring, seems like something that would be realistic because over time you gain skills and you learn more and more so the more you lock pick you would get the hang of it, kinda annoying how lockpicks breaks after i've used almost 100 times, I think they need somthing you can upgrade, and maybe for banks in palito, make them harder to lockpick if this does get added, Locks on bank's would be harder then a car lock.
  10. Daniel04


    tbh i suck at reading so im just going to agree to 75% even though i didnt read Whoopsies
  11. and get judge declan taylor to exponge u after 2 weeks
  12. i was thinking that it would be pointless because cops are gonna find it and just stake it out
  13. Daniel04

    Air One Lights

    The light on Air one really needs to be fixed because not only is it very annoying in-game, it is IRL, gives headaches and could possibly hurt someone very bad if they have epilepsy, dont know, just want it to be fixed because the flashing seems unnecessary, and a constant shine of light is enough, only time it would be used is at night and at night a constant light would be well enough for the cops to locate people.
  14. I like the idea but it would be highly used more then real pillbox
  15. Daniel04

    Buyable/Rentable Storage Units

    +1 this is a amazing idea, helps with storage for poeple being raided constantly you can have your stuff seperate and hide it in a friends storage unit instead of there house and mixing things up
  16. uh nah u dont get teh right treatment, i would agree if you still had to go to pillbox for it eventually but if they can just do it for you there, doesnt make much sense, at worst u wait the 20mins holding it with medkits, change clothing and go to pillbox and then they cant identify you
  17. Daniel04


    me and baby gangsters masks 😄
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