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  1. Ice

    Burgershot Delivery.

    but could a felon work there 🤷‍♂️
  2. Ice

    /swap in prison

    you can serve it at any time tho so time served not really, i can close my game for a few hours and come back ill still be in jail, theres no diffrence to me /swap'ing for a few hours and coming back later
  3. Ice

    Scuff cars

    So now theres a new scuff were when you put your car away it will be away in your eyes but not somebody elses, Me and pablo ran into this issue when he put his RV away and i still saw it, was still able to take from it, This is even worse then when you can see that your car is scuffed because you dont know if its gone or not. https://gyazo.com/c7fcb96a0e4b24b3292cc9a0cf4565b8 Screeshot above is it in my eyes but not Pablos
  4. Ice

    /swap in prison

    Can we get the ability to /swap in prison becasuse when we get big time sometimes its annoying we have to take a nap to switch characters and for people without WL like myself its annoying having to wait the train even if you do have a wl
  5. Ice

    cops getting calls and locations

    pictures dont work
  6. Ice

    MK2 Pistol Icon

    someones upset.
  7. Ice

    MK2 Pistol Icon

    also im saying when i /me takes gun and they drop the gun i often look at the photo and i think they got a ap
  8. Ice

    MK2 Pistol Icon

    it just throws me off calm down idk why u so mad lol just cos it dont effect u it throws me off
  9. Ice

    MK2 Pistol Icon

    i like this because when i have to many guns in my pocket i think i have aps for some reason and it throws me off + this just looks really good
  10. Ice


    Can the bike be fixed because when its blown up and fallen over cops have no way to impound it and im stuck having to pay insurence
  11. okay ill go on ems later tonight to test it for a bit
  12. I havent been on EMS i mayby a week or so but this was constantly happening, not just tac channels, im on EMS and Dispatch half the time, the od chance I was pulled to a tac channel to be set up a block away
  13. Ice

    Can't Clock into burgershot

    if u a fellon at all u cant work their im not to sure about getting ur record expunged if it still lets u, having a fire arms permit doesnt mean much cos if its revoked it still stays in your inv
  14. Ice

    cops v crim

    @jamie i understand what your talking about and good on them for taking it so jokingly as it should be but because they are so rich both rick and mari money doesnt mean as much as it would to someone whos newer to the city constantly being denied or messed by with cops, I understand that cops have diffrent POV's on people for their RP, A few days ago Jason staythoomin got 12 monthes for shooting somebody, shooting at cops, robbing a store, and during that same time I robbed a car and got 40 monthes, I understand how they give good rp they get lower time but the fact was that they showed favoritism because at the end of the day, they still do the crime get 12 monthes I do a crime 5x worst and i get almost 4x more time, Cops in my opinion need to be checked up by their higher ups. and @Jamie im not saying i wont make a story and wont stick with it, I will, Im pleased to but give me some leverage in that case, I know i say this over and over but if they bardge in and shoot theres no leveradge and its harder to make a story from that then their is to negotiate for something else. I understand and I know this topic most likley wont change any of cop RP but I just thought this could be something we can have a talk about because i think USARRP does a very good job on listening to their community and for things to be implemented i think you guys do a amazing job on that. Just a Idea that could mayby shine a light on a change
  15. Ice

    Mayor Elections and Being Mayor of San Andreas

    jimmy john for mayor
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