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    Jerome Jaap Johnsen
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    Jerome Jaap Johnsen, my character came from the Netherlands. His mother came from the US and his dad was Dutch. His dad was a drug dealer, and got killed when Jerome was 5 years old. His mother raised him since at her own. And told Jerome all nice things about USA. She also has told Jerome what has happend to his father, so because of that Jerome wanted to stay away from the drug business. And don't really participate in that kind of thing. Although he likes to light up a joint ones in a while. His mother really approved that Jerome stayed away from the drug business. Jerome grew up as a really happy man and always try to be positive in all situations. He just want to enjoy the life he has, and goes with the flow. When Jerome was 18 years old his mother died because of illness, since that time he is on his own. He finished uni in the Netherlands. And decided to go to the states where is mother was from. Since then he lives in a motel in the city.

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