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    Brooklyn Nobridge | Ronald Mcdonald
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    Brooklyn Nobridge moved to LS after struggling with life in the UK. As an adopted child after his 18th birthday he realised he wasn't living with his real parents and that they really resided in Los Santos. After moving across the pond Brooklyn searched for his parents but found that the were killed months before his arrival. On revenge to find out who killed them he got into some trouble with the law in the city. Realising it was getting him no where Brooklyn looked for legal advice to get his criminal record expunged and wanted to turn his life around. He now has settled down as a state trooper and wants to keep the city safe for all to live in and fight crime in the city.

    Ronald McDonald has lived in LS for a long time but has lived under the radar. He is a long distance relative of Brooklyn and keeps the secret of what really happened to Brooklyn's parents. He in fact was the murderer of Manhattan Nobridge and London Nobridge after a massive bank heist went wrong. Ronald is in fact the new face of the worlds famous fast food joint McDonalds and has been brought on board to stop obesity in kids by using the 'scary' and 'crazy' factors to scare them away from fatty foods. He promotes the new 'happy meal', 'angry meal' and brings a menacing aspect to the city by asking residents if they "want to play a game".

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  1. 5 hours until we find out Ronald McDonalds fate! Will he get the death penalty? ☠️ 


  2. davewhitt

    The People v Ronald McDonald

    I would be available any time preferably before 12am bst and I would like a lawyer please
  3. !! Happy Birthday !!
    happy stephen king GIF by Frank Macchia


  4. Its Friday Night and that means.... No Sleep and FFC! 🤡

  5. Good Night all ❤️

  6. hope Ronald McDonald gets his memory back and doesn't think hes 12 forever LOL

  7. love this community ❤️

  8. Should Ronald hand himself in? like for yes, laugh for no! lol

  9. davewhitt

    The People v. Ronald McDonald

    Your Honour, I am available everyday from 10am BST+1 to 2330 BST+1. Also I'd like to note my lawyer is David Tindell not Mr Billig. Ronald McDonald.
  10. If Jose had sons they'd be...The Simpsonsseason 6 logo GIF

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