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    Jim Jones Jr. was cloned from a toe nail found at the scene of the Jonestown massacre, raised in a state forest in the deep south by the surviving cultists Jim had little to no contact to the outside world during his time in the woods. On his 19th birthday Jim found his way to a public library and accessed a computer system, finding out the awful crimes of his past life he was sickened and vowed to leave the cult when he could. At 27 Jim arrived in a new city, unaware of how to view the world and what to do next.

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  1. JimJonesJr

    Improving RP & Making The City A Better Place For All

    I could not agree with this sentiment more, I use /me constantly while in the city. I think a lot of people ignore this function when it is a great way to not only express your characters current emotional state for serious moments, but also sparks different kind of RP that is not technically possible within in the confines of GTA, for example every day I got to pillbox to feed the fish and change the filters on the fish tanks by doing "/me Feeds fish and replaces filters" mostly as a way to cheer up Pillbox staff or get a chuckle from them. Recently me and a friend noticed that Pillbox staff and EMS seemed particularly stressed out with all the gang activity related wounds they were treating so I had my friend put on scuba gear and we "/me" RP'ed cleaning an algae growth from inside the tanks while acting as if we were a fish expert and a world renown diver flown in from France. My point being that /me can be used for so much in the city, both serious and funny. It encourages different kinds of RP and I for one am in favor of people using it (properly) as much as possible! Great post! /me Has a wide smile
  2. JimJonesJr

    JJJ Crewed Chartering

    Hello, Presented is a business proposal for "JJJ Crewed Chartering": https://docs.google.com/document/d/1J-2Lk3E4g4zrh03-jN3RJWcHSneD8HXPvXKPgoq0ucs/edit?usp=sharing I have done this proposal personally, if a BAR certified lawyer is needed for review I will take that into account. Thank you in advance for your time. -JJJ
  3. JimJonesJr

    Allow mechanic upgrades on motorcycles

    This is something I truly wish could happen, but I understand why it is the way it is. Hopefully someday I'll be able to hit 120 MPH on my Hexer!
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