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  1. Your Mind Is A Powerful Thing. When You Fill It With Positive Thoughts, Your Life Will Start To Change. <3

  2. KrownedGuardian

    911 Calls

    oh shit didnt even realize im dumb xD @Niccorazi thanks for the video
  3. KrownedGuardian

    911 Calls

    tbh didnt know it was a thing either. i take back what i said about the whole realism thing. good info, and i appreciate the video to see how it works too
  4. KrownedGuardian

    911 Calls

  5. KrownedGuardian

    911 Calls

    i honestly like this idea as well, its a bit more realistic and it can allow cops to actually roam an area and if they see any suspects they can move forward and rp out the situation. dont make it a huge radius where it gives crims more of an advantage but maybe like a couple of blocks away in all directions from the center of red zone.
  6. I Feel this 100 % im not a cop and have never been on the other side to know how it feels, but i see it happen 24/7
  7. @Pölkadöt did you like that i acted as your partner when u pulled Ignacio over yesterday xD that was great lol
  8. KrownedGuardian

    Phone Reset

    yea it can get annoying but at least its an easy fix
  9. KrownedGuardian

    mechanic perks

    That would be cool tbh, Gets people to want to actually do the job more often
  10. KrownedGuardian

    Advanced Repair Kits

    I agree with @notnotshake I think people should be able to buy 1 time use Advanced Repair Kits at like hardware stores. A lot of times mechanics may not be on duty and a lot of times cops wont come impound your car if they are called, which is understandable considering they have more crucial things to deal with.
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