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  1. KrownedGuardian

    2nd insurance

    yea im pretty sure someone did a long time ago and was denied because "there was no need for another insurance location" but idk maybe they will decide to change there minds.
  2. KrownedGuardian

    Advanced Repair Kits

    +1 it could help out a ton, and not even just for the race scene. there are plenty of times where there is nobody on duty to repair cars and ive called cops for state tows do to not having any tow on duty and they have rejected me. all around i feel like this would be a positive item added, and like @notnotshake said he owns a business we should just buy them from RPG.
  3. KrownedGuardian


    My opinion i think the biggest issue with crims not being able to work, make BS almost a useless place on the server because there are very few people who work/are willing to work there. Also i thnki the issue with crims working there before too was the face that people would clock in and just stand there for the free pay checks too.(not only crims did this). So i agree with @3mma partially about that part. I still say from another post that if u want less gang shit and stupid trolls to be at BS make it one of the safe zones.
  4. KrownedGuardian

    Remove the casino & add illegal gambling

    i play on a mid grade gaming laptop and i dont have issues because of the casino tbh. i like the casino and wish theyd actually add more games to play. but that is just my opinion. and like @Kailynn Smith said, it something for everyone, not just cops and crims. i say keep it.
  5. To My Fallen Brother Carlito. I Miss You Like Hell. We May Not Have Been Blood, But We Are Family. I Hate To See That You Are Gone. But You Will NEVER Be Forgotten. Rest Easy Papito <3 @MrSchkief


  6. yea like i said i havent worked there in like over 2 months so no clue xD
  7. ive been hearing people say the drink machine was longer now? that im not sure of. i havent been able to work there in a couple months, but i remember ive been clocked off duty multiple times in the past actively cooking (yes i do 5 at a time as well) so im not too sure tbh. also the token timer is 35 min "afk" + the 3 minutes they give u to put in the token
  8. KrownedGuardian


    no ive been trying here and there since i been on server and it does the same thing every time
  9. KrownedGuardian


    Same here, i play a crim and im tired of things at burger shot. legit cant even get food there anymore. i usually stock up on food from 24/7. its just dumb. Burger Shot became a POI for the sake up RP and people use the spot to be shitlords. smh. I 100000% +1 this for making BS a safe zone.
  10. #FreeJuanSnow <3

  11. 2 Of The Baddest Bitches I Know. @TatyrTot and @Pris (Also Happy 4th to you too @Pris <3 much love dude!)


  12. Happy 4th Ladies! FFC was great yesterday :) @TatyrTot @xMissLeah

    4th with Tay.jpg

    4th with Lindsay.jpg

  13. All I Need Is Me


  14. Don't Miss Me When I'm Gone :D


    1. juan_snow


      Imagine, imagining Kappa

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