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  1. Niccorazi

    Mayor Elections and Being Mayor of San Andreas

    Found this on google "The highest chief is called the chief of department, and is appointed by (and reports to) the police commissioner. Each city determines whether their police commissioner will be elected or appointed; the NYC police commissioner is appointed by the mayor." Basically if we are going to vote for a Sheriff we should also vote for a commissioner. Personally I don't believe we should be voting for these positions though, it would cause so many issues if Sheriffs and Commissioners are constantly changing things depending on who is in and confuse a lot of people.
  2. Niccorazi

    Mayor Elections and Being Mayor of San Andreas

    Would love to see how RP would play out with security and crims trying to kidnap the mayor, would be fun
  3. Niccorazi

    More RP jobs

    We could have it work like the doctor, if no dispatcher is available they can send a text, but if one is on duty they have to actually call 911 instead.
  4. Niccorazi

    Siphoning Kits

    Could make for some fun crim RP, siphon gas to get your enemies on foot, then engage them on their way to the gas station etc. Or just do it because you have no cash on you and need gas.
  5. I mean I wasn't talking about the issues that are happening directly, I used them as an example. You can disregard that example and replace it with any other example of when someone feel they were arrested, or treated unfairly by law enforcement, and it still applies. That is also just the first sentence of my entire reply, I in no way brought up any of the issues that are happening right now IRL. Your reply to me seems to completely miss the plot of my reply and mischaracterized everything I said like if I am trying to have a conversation about the IRL events which clearly that was not my intention.
  6. Niccorazi

    Get rid of the trees

    I feel that, it does give the state a more North Western Oregon feel as opposed to Cali, but they can create so much RP in the forest with crims and what not. Plus logging makes more sense now.
  7. I havent read all the replies, but if anything this week's IRL riots have shown us that when people get riled up they will verbally and physically abuse officers with no regard for them as a human being. I actually think it is realistic RP for people to verbally abuse cops *IF IT FITS THEIR STORY*. That being said, cops will be less inclined to reduce time for verbally abusive suspects IRL, so verbally abusive suspects should get the realistic RP of getting the longer sentences etc. as that would realistically fit the cops RP. A pissed off suspect IRL is most likely going to be quiet while in custody unless he isn't too smart, so it all depends on how they are RPing their character, if they want to act like an irate idiot while in custody, treat them the way an irate idiot would be treated, don't give them breaks because we are friends with their cop character or know them IRL from the community. RP situations should make sense to each other.
  8. Niccorazi

    Get rid of the trees

    The trees look amazing, and I understand some people may have really really old systems (yours isnt that bad tbh), but at some point we need to keep with the times, this server has been making a lot of great upgrades lately and trees imo are going to make for great RP.
  9. Niccorazi

    911 Calls

    I didn't even know it existed until Goddess mentioned it Makes sense though after watching it, they use bats to triangulate.
  10. Niccorazi

    911 Calls

    Holy smokes, had no idea this was actually a thing IRL, it makes so much sense though after watching the video! They even get info on the type of gun being fired (auto/semi/etc)
  11. Niccorazi

    immersion o_o

    Like Mikey said, I don't mind people saying "in my head for a sec", but that should be where it ends. We shouldn't be hearing about IRL life stories as long as they start out with "spiritually ...."
  12. I am making this suggestion in an effort so we can stop doing chases with people when they they dont have a hostage, but still get RP of a chase and a crime. As it is right now, robbers can only rob the store clerk and wait for the timer. Suggestion: There should be a "smash and grab" or "registers only" robbery, where you can quickly rob the store and flee. This would be for robbers who have no hostage. If they go for just the registers and not the safe, then its quicker and they can flee as cops show up or before they get there. This would be much more realistic, as cops really wouldn't be letting people who rob stores go on a pursuit without a hostage. If they want to rob the safe as well, it will take more time, but they will most likely need a hostage as police should not be letting them go on a pursuit without a bargaining chip, as it puts innocent lives in danger. How would this not get abused? You would put in a mechanism that calls out the location of the robber for the first 30 seconds after they flee from the robbery. Pings would show up on the map where they were last spotted. After 30 seconds go by, this would disappear. This would give cops the RP of a chase, and it would be realistic as if local witnesses were reporting which direction the car sped off in. Officers would then not be required to be on scene right when the car flees in order to get in a chase. All the chase junkies would still be able to get a chase, but we wouldn't be sacrificing realism of just letting people go with no hostage.
  13. Niccorazi

    Fix The Amount Planes & Helicopters Can Hold

    Cargo bob would be great for getaways, its not inconceivable to think of criminals planning a helicopter to pick up their vehicle and fly them off, it would make for a great heist as well.
  14. Niccorazi

    Stricter Realism =/= Less Shitlord

    People need to learn how to get in character, and do what their character would do. People seem to treat this server like GTA Online with some rules, when roleplay should be character development and doing jobs or actions that fit your character. This means if you are gang member, you shouldn't all of a sudden go fishing because the money is good, it shows you care about your digital bank account more than your character development. If you roleplay a gang member, you should be working on your drug trade, weapons trade, cars, heists etc, not dropping everything to go fishing or hunting then only rob stores for "fun" and "for a chase", it should be part of your story. If you are driving a supercar, you shouldn't be knocking over a 24/7 for $1,000, it doesn't fit your story, you are already rich, do big crimes that fit your character. When I was with Abu, Karl, and Ryan, we wanted chains, we went into the jewelry store and we RP'd out that the chains we wanted were like $80k etc, and we weren't about to buy them, we didn't have that kind of cash. So instead we RP'd to rob the jewelry store. While in the chase we went through the hills of Vinewood and threw the chains out of the window into some bushes using /me throws chains /me throws watches etc. We then led the police on a chase all the way up the mountains in our off road van, eventually getting caught. After we got out, we went and retrieved the chains, then went to the clothing store to equip them. We could have easily just bought chains and put them on for $70 from the clothing store, but instead we RP'd out actually stealing super expensive chains, now our chains are tied to this awesome story of a heist. Point is, we should have purpose behind what we are doing, not doing things because we are "bored". Saying you want to rob a store because you "want a chase" etc just shows you are bored and want to play cops and robbers, that is not RP imo. As far as ripping off Go Postal and Tow Truck jobs, if you have a license and pass a background check of not being a criminal, your checks should go straight to your bank. If you are a criminal and dont have a license, you can do the job, but you get paid cash, and you risk getting robbed. New people can still get robbed this way, but they wont lose any money, because they have direct deposit, criminals who would realistically need to get paid under the table run the risk of getting pulled over without a license, getting a strike with the tow company etc, or getting robbed.
  15. Niccorazi

    911 Calls

    I been saying this for a while, there should be an "area" where the crime happened, not an exact GPS location. When I first started on this server my homie pulled a knife behind some houses and if the cops only had an "area" to check, we would have gotten away, but because they had the exact GPS pinpoint they drove straight down the street and behind the house then searched us. For medical pings or 911 they can be exact GPS because the person is willing putting their ping out there, but a local calling in a crime should only be the general area.
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