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  1. Banana Bread at Work

    Different Tier Weapon Licenses

    A bolt action rifle would be sick - unless you can already get one and I don't know how
  2. Banana Bread at Work

    Bags to increase character inventory

    Glad I'm not the only one! I've only been around since early February so I missed your post!
  3. Banana Bread at Work

    Bags to increase character inventory

    It would be really cool if we could by different bags to increase carry capacity. There could be multiple sizes each letting you carry more but making you move slower or something when full. Could possibly make it to where stuff in the bag can be taken by other players but not in your pockets or something as well
  4. Banana Bread at Work

    Name Vehicles

    this would be super helpful! sick of pulling out the wrong vans 3 times in a row
  5. Banana Bread at Work


    This would be liiiiiit - would give a different dynamic for cops too because having alcohol isn't illegal so they will have to actually find the distillery or something
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