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Why not start your law enforcement career with the Blaine County Sheriffs Office apply today and start out as a corrections officer and work all the way up to Sheriff.

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    Felix Hooper was born in 1993 to Marcia Hooper and Dale Hooper. Marcia and Dale were both uneducated extremely hard working residents of Orlando, Florida. Felix grew up 12 years younger then his brother Dale Jr. which he always looked up too. Once Felix hit middle school he was constantly alone. His brother had moved out and both of his parents were working two jobs to support Dale Jr. through college. Felix was constantly trying new things to get his parents and friends to pay attention to him. He started recording "stunts" when he was 11 after sneaking away a Jackass DVD from his fathers office. Dale found out about his son videos and was super disappointed in all of the cursing. After a long and scary conversation Felix decided he doesn't want to disappoint his dad by being a "deadbeat" curses. Felix uses foul language but never uses the traditional cursewords. In his own twisted way that is good enough to not disappoint his father. He started calling over the neighborhood kids to watch him do back flips into a bunch of old couch cushions, Ride his bmx bike off of pit ramps on curbs. After he broke his leg he thought he would start getting more attention from his family and friends but everyone's lives kept going on. No one showed him special attention or took extra time with him to make sure he was good. One of his best friends introduced him to youtube and he was hooked. He had no idea how to edit so he just started uploading full videos of his "stunts". He started getting a small following and was finally feeling that gap in his heart close more and more. This unhealthy obsession with stunts started gaining some traction and Felix started doing as many stunts as he could to feed his ego and engage his audience. In college he sent a dirt bike flying off a roof into a pool and he broke both of his clavicles and multiple ribs. His time in a body cast made him lose his audience and he has taken to vlogging as his main hobby and his stunts are now rare but HUGE. Felix has moved to Los Santos to start working on his competitive sports clothing brand. He's ready to freaking rage, he wants everyone to think he is the coolest and bravest daredevil out there. He has a dream of jumping off the freeway over pass onto the lower highway with a crowd of people below watching the masterpiece. He will prove that he is the bravest person out there and he needs that attention badly. I plan if the rp allows to develop Felix into a more confident character who charges other players to pay between 10-1000 bucks for his stunts. His goal is to make as many friends as he can but his insecurities makes it extremely difficult to connect with normal people.

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  1. gabebarbosa

    Can't Clock into burgershot

    Thank you! and @Daniel04 I think you misunderstood. I am fully in civ RP never broken any laws besides one speeding ticket. Thank you @Goryholes!!
  2. gabebarbosa

    Can't Clock into burgershot

    I can't clock into burgershot. I have no priors, I have never been arrested and I currently own a firearms permit. When I attempt to clock in I get no notification or anything at all.
  3. gabebarbosa

    Burger Shot & Hunting

    I play Craigg! If you ever need help at the burger shot I got you!
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