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  1. Gabe Acosta

    EMS Volunteer Program

    This is cool. I like this idea. To actually volunteer would we have to make a volunteer only character? I would hope not.
  2. Gabe Acosta

    Delay before shooting a gun

    I like this idea. My only concern is when locals get a little too turbo. That small delay might get you clipped. Other than that. I’d say increase the delay to a full 5 Seconds. And if possible make a verbal click to when they try to shoot kinda like the safety is still on that way newer players could give away that they were looking to kill from the beginnng.
  3. Gabe Acosta

    IRL Face thread?

    Oh yeahhhhh babbyyyyy
  4. Gabe Acosta

    IRL Face thread?

    Ha. That made me chuckle a bit. ??
  5. Gabe Acosta

    IRL Face thread?

    I’m just as big of a douche irl haha check it: ignore the bandana in the 2nd flickster I needed it to hold up my hair while I was running like a bitch.