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  1. icedshell2

    Prison Locks

    @minipunch Thank you!!! the locks are now working as they should. Sometimes the front gates still scuff out and don't lock properly and stay on locking.
  2. icedshell2

    Prison Locks

    The locks are working as they should except the door leading to the kitchen from the intake. When you try to leave the intake to go outside you unlock the intake door and the kitchen door and then the kitchen door scufs out and you sometimes can't lock it.
  3. icedshell2

    robbing cop guns

    OK so if you take a look at it realistically. If you were to rob a bank. #1 you wouldn't get free passage. #2 you have a certain amount of time to come out and surrender or Swat enters the bank and lethal is authorized the moment you make any sudden movements. So during that bank robbery Swat wouldn't enter with only pistols because you never know what other weapons are used by the robbers. There is always that chance that they lie to you and sat oh we only have pistols and then one of them has an AK.
  4. icedshell2

    robbing cop guns

    Its 100% not going to happen because the way people act on the server now is just stupid in my oppinion. Everyone prefers gun play over decent RP and its annoying because you're just trying to walk around and enjoy the outside and you get robbed instantly. Besides I have personally seen crims take down cops that had ARs while they had Pistols. You don't need an AR just because you are hungry for the gunplay. What you need to focus on is realistic roleplay and if everyone would do thta maybe only then the rule would be taken away, but as stated by other members it will get abused and people wil
  5. icedshell2

    Decrease food prep time.

    Realistically food wouldn't be prepared within seconds especially on a busy day. Food takes its time to prepare and while the Milkshake machines are slow it does give that little bit of RP where you could type in /me while preparing the food with how you would prepare the food IRL. Also the thing with the gang beef, it gets to a certain point where it is unrealistic where gangs would just sit there all day and just start beef with someone that they don't know. Every 2 minutes there is a 911 call that we get from Burgershot wether it is a shooting or someone calling because they got
  6. As much as I hate this I do find it more realistic as you wouldn't normally lock a door and have it just close. So I agree with @Kian on this matter that it gives us that realistic feel to the locks now and not the unrealistic way the doors used to work. Yes it does slow you down but this is how it would be in the real world.
  7. They still do but not all of them there was a 10-99 last night when I was on duty and I could hear the notification, but later there was another one but it made no sound. The nice thing is that a 10-99 sends a 911 notifaction which is completely red and that sticks out so its not that hard to see but it has stopped making the noise for every one after the beeping for emergency lights was added.
  8. icedshell2

    Renshaw Law | Expungement Request Nick Smith

    The individual has provided 40+ minutes of community service at Pillbox.
  9. icedshell2

    Locker Room scuff

    I will try that. Thank you
  10. icedshell2

    Locker Room scuff

    So after putting Chester in the morgue who used to be a doctor at Pillbox, Whenever I clock in with Calvin my new Character I keep getting Chester's outfits even when I over ride the previous save slot. I noticed this the first day I come to Pillbox with Calvin where I clocked in and I looked like Chester and had his exact outfits. Saving over the previous slot doesn't work. So I deleted Chester's Character and tried again but that didnt work either. Here is the clip of it happening the first time: https://clips.twitch.tv/ScaryAverageFiddleheadsGivePLZ
  11. you don't have to baby any one or make their jobs easier but you don't have to be a dick all the time. Every character is different but people that bring their OOC salt to their character thats what we want to have stop. Just because you're pissed OOC doesnt mean you have to take it out on us. we have our jobs that we do and we do it to the best of our abilities. We love a bit of action and definitely down for a bit of rp where your character is pissed but it doesn't need to be everytime you get arrested because you are a bad driver and couldn't get away.
  12. Criminals treat us like crap then complain that its so boring when they go to jail. I mean you would have someone talk to you or interact with you if you weren't such a shitlord and beat up every correctional deputy that they see. Cops and corrections are just doing their job and want to develop their character but its not gonna happen if people act like its GTA online and RDM for no reason or verbally abuse everyone. As corrections your goal is to help prisoners and better them, but it also makes no sense to me when someone just gets out of jail and goes and robs a store immediately. No one p
  13. icedshell2

    Vehicles for doctors

    Literally same here with my department, I have made it clear in my SOPs that that would result in action taken.
  14. icedshell2

    Vehicles for doctors

    Vehicles For Doctors as requested from multiple Doctors So I've been thinking about it a lot and its becoming more of an issue for Doctors. So at the moment we aren't allowed to use the Explorer from LSFD for situations in where us doctors get called over to the prison because an inmate decided it would be a good idea to kick the gas can inside the prison. Now in situations like that because there is now an actual medical room inside the prison doctors can now go there and treat there and treat the patients. Now we were told to use our personal vehicles which to me doesn't make any sense
  15. icedshell2

    Crazy Suggestion Trains

    This is gonna be amazing !!!
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