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  1. MainSoul_V7

    Bring back Teamspeak!!!!!

    Yeah i want this back extremely bad. One thing I hate about Mumble is you can’t ALT +TAB anymore, and when you do this is makes it where you can’t hear anyone. Kindve loved TS. I would like for this to come back cause overall TS was better. It added so much better RP with soundboards. With mumble you can do the same thing but it’s difficult to add the soundboard from Mumble.
  2. MainSoul_V7

    Take Items

    I don’t think there is a way to make it based off how hard u hit the ground. It’s just simple server mechanics that may not be able to get fixed. The way people have shown to me about injuries is they can “RP” their own injuries out. If they wanna talk perfectly fine that’s their option there is a “Report A Player” Section on the forums if you want to use that.
  3. MainSoul_V7

    Add more criminals jobs / heist

    I feel like in order for crims to have more fun instead of doing the constant RP like shooting robbing etc. I think there should be criminal heist. Like scuba diving that will provide you with illegal items etc. I feel if this gets added it can provide more Crim RP going on as people in gangs or just any crim does the same RP every single day. Personally i think it gets boring so that’s why I am suggesting to possibly add more illegal heist for criminals.
  4. MainSoul_V7

    Body Armor Improvement

    I would like this. But the way it should work is that it’s a 50% 50% chance that it will actually puncture through or the vest it protect you in shootouts.
  5. MainSoul_V7

    no more uzis??

    Pretty sure what happens is that ALL the black market re stocks on weapons after the restart at 6:30 PM EST. I’ve been told that but i actually don’t know. I’m pretty sure it does too just haven’t realized i guess.
  6. MainSoul_V7

    Prison drugs

    I’ve seen this couple times months back. I would like to get it in the city it would increase prison RP and possibly improve it. Nothing really happens if your in jail. So this is 100% a +1
  7. MainSoul_V7

    Pillbox Whisper Function

    This isn’t just a +1 this is more like a +3 tbh. I’m tired of accidentally yelling then some random in the lobby saying something back when Ur not really suppose to hear the person cause the walls are thick in pillbox. This would help RP a lot better if it could be added.
  8. MainSoul_V7


    Like Emma said it would increase Crim RP. Crims or anybody should be able to buy a Radio. To help with robberyies gun fights or anything.
  9. MainSoul_V7

    Lockpicks ( handcuffs)

    The door doesn’t just have to be opened by a leo. It could be opened by a normal person who wants to help. Only if the cops door is unlocked through the front seat to do /open Will 100% add more Roleplay into the server. Watched a video of a person actually lockpicking out of his cuffs. I was pretty amazed how he did it lol.
  10. MainSoul_V7

    Ability to Struggle

    +1 Will add more realistic roleplay and make the crime have more fun and possibly the cops or anyone who is tied up. Really like this idea.
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