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  1. That moment you're listening to calm , vibin music ...Then Korn - twist pops in your head phones then you feel like Tasmanian Devil

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    2. Bella Morte

      Bella Morte

      I get lost listening to Sublime , i love soft rock and hard rock . Metal is the way :) With middle fingers to the air and tongue sticking out like freaking Gene Simmons 😛

    3. Buggy


      Eh, the mood calls for it sometimes :)

    4. Buggy
  2. Anubis, God of Death, Lord of the Underworld and protector of Graves. May you protect our Ross Anubis forever.





  3. @Buggy Girl you can keep those pokes coming , Keep it going ...I love it .

    1. Buggy


      hell yeah! *pokes*

    2. Bella Morte

      Bella Morte

      *Pokes Back*

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  9. Buggy

    Pistol Whips

    Here's the video: https://clips.twitch.tv/SparklyPrettySproutPanicBasket
  10. Buggy

    Doctor Pay Raise

    As a captain I earned 10 dollars more than my lt. I'm now back to being an Engineer and I get paid 45 dollars less than as a captain. How skewed is that?
  11. Buggy

    EMS and DR interactions

    Like I said, EMS doesn't use OOC talk, only when asking if someone wants to morgue, which, technically could also be done through discord, (if you can find the person on discord, that's another thing) but it's a good way for everyone involved to see it so they know what's going to happen. Other than that? Nahhh.
  12. Buggy

    EMS and DR interactions

    EMS doesn't ask for your injuries OOC. We do /inspect to see a summary of the injuries as a guideline. HOWEVER, once you get hurt, it's your story to tell how badly you got hurt or not, no matter what /inspect says. If you're unconcious, the process is /me checks for pulse and /me checks airways - which you are required to respond to because if there's no response, EMS will perform CPR on you and if you remain unresponsive, you could find yourself going to the morgue, and then you might hit up the forums because you were forced to morgue. If you're concious, we will verbally ask you h
  13. Buggy

    Ambulance spawning outside unused hostpial

    Local ambulances spawn at every hospital I think, even at and from Pillbox and park at the weirdest of places. And usually drive around with lights/sirens and the stretcher out, too. At the fire stations in the city they spawn Engine One. Sometimes two.
  14. Just make 5 burgers, 5 smoothies, 5 burgers, 5 smoothies? I never found it an issue to move back and forth, even when making 40 combos for hungry cops. It would be highly unfair to hard working people like yourself for someone to clock on duty at Burger Shot, go stand AFK in a corner and watch netflix while collecting a paycheck.
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