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    Lizzie likes to keep everyone happy and sometimes forgets to make herself happy. She was raised by two cops as a single child, studied hard to become a psychiatrist. Was hired to be a psychiatrist in Los Santos and eventually became an EMS as well. After quitting EMS, she became a deputy.

    Tess Reeves is a 29 year old from a small town. Her parents were vetinarians and Tess was a volunteer firefighter/paramedic while also working as a vetinary assistant to get herself through college. Tess minored in psychology and vetinary medicine before attending local law enforcement academy and joined the sherrif's office to serve the community. Tess can't help to be a helper. She spent the last year travelling over the world and decided to make Los Santos her new home, at least for a bit and hope that it'll stick.

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  1. Your honor, we're still waiting for a reschedule of this arraighment.
  2. Judge, this still needs to be rescheduled.
  3. Your honor, where will the arraignment be held? At Bolingbroke?
  4. Report by I-10 Tess Reed: 5b5e8472497efb238a88bcd539667c89 Report by R-112 Wilbur Hamson: 85aecb83fba78261246461bdbf63751d Report by U-121 Luke Clarke: 85aecb83fba78261246461bdbf66d573 All evidence and reports in one google doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/17Lii3y5yQtpv1vpYIfNa-6SgEDlSFGHBecX1vSGBaL8/edit The charges for Jordan Tyrone Ace, including the charges of the robbery: Third degree robbery (not exceeding than $5k) PC 211(c) x1 Felon in possession of a firearm 18 U.S.C. § 922(g)(1) x2 Assault with a deadly weapon on a Pe
  5. Once people get morgued with /morgue, all they have left is their toe tag and their ID. This makes it incredibly hard for CID and ISU to do investigations, sometimes we only get alerted of a possible suspicious death after the fact because we're not on duty etc, or sometimes we want to go back to the individual to check to see for extra clues that could be in the phone after we discovered more details. Would it be possible that when people /morgue that they keep their phone, and functional too? I also can see that this could be an issue for peo
  6. Buggy

    A therapists office

    Pillbox employs psychiatrists, and Parsons is a treatment center that's been used on occasion when there's psychiatric RP. Before Parsons, we'd meet our clients at Pillbox and go to Ward C in an office
  7. Buggy

    seize weapons

    As an officer, when we seize weapons, we love to see the message pop up saying 'weapons seized!', but we also get the weapons seized message when we seize a person who has no weapons on them but still do the command. https://youtu.be/8rQHn8KvYiI Can this please be changed to a message saying 'no weapons found' or something like that? Because you can't seize something that isn't there. The reason I'm asking is that it's so very easy right now for cops to just say they seized something but haven't, and instead put it in their own pocket and they can do whatever they want with it, ie.
  8. 268575.thumb.png.2131000470a32f9336e8c58bf3753e6d.png



  9. Buggy

    Bring back Teamspeak!!!!!

    +1 I was fine with mumble for a while, even figured out to play music, however, TS is a lot more stable, with the added benefit that you can continue talking while you're in the map as an officer. I know fivem has been working on mumble issues on their end in the last couple of days but all those resource warnings and the added lag makes it quite difficult to drive around and not crash when it happens almost every few minutes with the resource warning. Also the sound quality with TS was a lot clearer and there was little to no cutting out of voices.
  10. Can I please get a confirmation at the time? I can't make 9 PM.
  11. I will prosecute your honor, but would it be possible to change the time to a little bit earlier than 9 PM BST? 7 or 8 pm perhaps? - Tess Reeves Captain of Criminal Investigative Services Blaine County Sheriff's Office.
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