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  1. Carter

    Civilian Radios

    limiting radio's to 1 mile is a little crazy tbh. It doesn't really make a whole lot of sense, because the frequencies travel through existing towers. (that the city would already have up along with the county) I agree with Brice, people would still use their phones for calling, texting and twitter. Overall I think this would be a great addition and I think that the price of them should be a little high. I think that would limit the amount of people that would use them.
  2. Carter

    Meth usage

    If were looking at this from a realistic stand point this makes a lot of sense. Half the time taser's don't work and most of the time they don't work on someone who is high on meth. Meth makes people extremely strong compared to what they normally would be. I don't think this would ruin RP considering most cops use the walk style that allows you to run faster than most criminals. People could also expand their RP with LEO's by doing this as well.
  3. Carter

    Union Depository

    I was talking with a couple people about a bigger pay out for banks. After that I remembered that the union depository is right down town near Legion. It's the biggest bank in the state and I think it would be fun for everyone if it was possible to hit it and make a large amount of money from it. The max amount of money from a normal bank is 120K I believe, so if the union depository was added to the list of banks it could be harder to hit, maybe add three doors to lock pick and more stages for hacking? Possibly even adding a Thermite stage to it since there is a big metal door that lock picki
  4. Carter

    Custom Vehicles

    Also doesn't EMS and Fire have a Ford Explorer? Can't it just be skinned for SASP and BCSO?
  5. Carter

    Custom Vehicles

    I disagree with changing anything, we are called USARRP so why keep everything to its ugly vanilla self? Sounds bad saying it like that, but i'm just being honest man. Were a USA RP based server so I feel like making it more realistic with real life cars would be cool.
  6. Carter

    Custom Vehicles

    I've only been around for about a month so i'm not too sure if the server has had custom cars other than police vehicles? I think it would be cool to add a couple custom cars for civilians and maybe even one or two more for police? I only see most cops using the Taurus and Charger, some using the CVPI. I feel like a Ford Explorer for police would cool and maybe some custom sedans just to add some new cars for people to drive. I have seen other server that I have been apart of in the past have Mercedes Benz's, civilian Ford Explorers, etc. I feel like with the server being upgraded and hopefull
  7. Carter

    Texture Issues

    I've heard a lot of people saying that they can't see a lot of textures when they are around pill box, especially when a lot of people are there. A simple fix is lowering your texture quality. Granted you might see a slight difference in how your game looks, but I think its better to have your game look a little worse instead of not being able to see at all! Just lower your texture quality down one setting and see if it helps, Lowering them to normal will make the biggest difference and should the solve problem. 😎
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