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Pillbox medical is always looking out for new upcoming medical professionals to enrol into its ranks. Start your career here today.

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There will never be a call that is the same can you think fast and put your training to action. If your answer is yes and you want to make a difference then apply to join now the Los Santos Fire Department needs you.

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Why not start your law enforcement career with the Blaine County Sheriffs Office apply today and start out as a corrections officer and work all the way up to Sheriff.

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The San Andreas State Police is always looking for committed well presented people to join its ranks and undertake a hard fought career in law enforcement along side our brothers in law enforcement in the Sheriffs Office.


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    Joshua Mondo, Jagger Daniels
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    Joshua Mondo :
    Joshua Mondo is a Hispanic American from Texas. He has spent most of his time back home in the streets learning criminal ways. See the city Joshua lived in was a scary one, only the toughest people survived and gangs were seen as the only way of protection. From a young age, Joshua saw the destruction of gangs and vowed never to get involved with those ways, but eventually, he felt stuck between a rock and a hard place. Between living in constant fear and finding out how hard it was to get ahead in life, he began speaking with a local gang in which he later joined. Now Joshua found a new meaning to his life with this new gang and began living a life just like so many he swore to never be like back when he was younger.. it wasn't long however until Joshua started to regret his decision, but he knew when you join a gang there is no going back and he decides to leave his hometown in search of a safer life in Los Santos... The question is will Joshua finally be able to escape the life he was running from or will he slip back into the grip of gang life?
    Joshua personally wants to escape the life of killing and hurting people. But he knows nothing else and has no way to fit in or make a living without a gang. Joshua's main goal is to be able to retire from gang life and maybe bring some people out with him. Joshua has heard that Los Santos is a city of endless possibilities and wants to create a comfortable life where he is no longer living in fear of the next paycheck or time he is going to get robbed on the way home from work.

    Jagger Daniels:
    From deep in the Heart of Texas, Jagger is a country fella who loves listenin' to a little rock n' roll and red dirt county. Yee doggy them boots get stompin' when the Randy Rodgers Band get the fiddle goin'. Jagger ain't ever known nuthin' but rules, raised by a strict momma and daddy, Jagger has been a straight arrow. His papa Robert Earl Daniels was one of the finest State Troopers in all of texas and ever since he was a boy Jagger wanted to be just like his daddy. Ya'see before he was all grown up Jagger didn't know nuthin' but Texas.. but in his early adult years, he was brought out to a city so different from Jefferson city - where he was born. Jagger was as country as a baked bean sandwich so comin' to this new fancy city of Los Santos made him feel like a pig on ice. The only thing he could see fit for himself in this new city is to get him a job with the San Andreas State Police, like his daddy did back in Texas, that paid well enough to get him a big truck and a house for him to live happily with his newfound life in a new city.

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