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  1. I ask for a new justice to review this case as Hon. Amana clearly does not wish to take this case.
  2. As the Chief Judge has been a little slow at organizing this trial, we Motion For A Summary Judgement
  3. Your honor, I will be acting as Co-Council at the request of the defendant as he will be self representing as Lead Council.
  4. @Kianjust a reminder, this case is still a thing.
  5. Any update on your availability @Kian?
  6. Plaintiff Counsel and Defense Counsel have came to a settlement of $17,500
  7. Twinzo

    The People V Lou Kane | #SASC0001

    Defense and the Prosecution have came to a plea agreement of 69 months and 7.5k fine your honor.
  8. My client, Lou Kane, hereby requests her name to be changed to: Isabella Kase Photo and ID: Reason: Took the name of someone who recently passed
  9. My client, Mark Succerberg , hereby requests his name to be changed to: Mark Stanwick Photo and ID: Reason: " The reason I would like to get a name change is that I found out through ancestry that I have a cousin Robert Stanwick. My family abandoned me in my youth and Stanwick would have been my birth name."
  10. Please find attached my clients expungement petition: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WbsxNI2W8GEXDIiIvBEUE2f2882BSLxgBpBcA2QKylU/edit Photo and ID:
  11. Twinzo

    The People V Lou Kane | #SASC0001

    At the request of the defendant, i will be taking lead council in this case. We ask for this to be as speedy as possible as my client has been incarcerated for several weeks now.
  12. Your honor, i ask we go to trial and the preponderence of the evidence will be met with the facts of the case, my client suffered several MONTHS, in jail before he received medical care not to mention the amount of time he spent in police custody before he was sent to jail. Also, state a claim on which relief can be granted, we did state a claim, at it will be proved in court. You are making a lot of points with no evidence to back it up, what the defense is claiming should be brought up IN COURT via testimony under oath. Again, discovery is open, the plaintiff is getting the recor
  13. To rebuttal to the defense's Motion To Dismiss ; I believe it's reasonable to assume if the ARRESTING officer tazed someone several times and tackled someone several times, then they should be aware of the injuries no matter what. In the case of Finley Kent V. Emma Davies, the case definitely has grounds even as stated by Honorable Judge Austin Aman `Although the grounds for this suit are present and cannot be ignored``. Furthermore, the defense should be arguing that fact in the court of law, not in a motion for dismissal. Also, as we are in discovery, more evidence will be presen
  14. Finley Kent (Plaintiff) v. Emma Davies (Defendant) Civil Complaint: Plaintiff, Finley Kent, by and through his undersigned attorneys, submits the following as and for his complaint in the above-captioned action. I. Preliminary Statement: On the 9th of March at 8:50 GMT, Plaintiff was at pillbox medical parked in the emergency lane, Emma Davies then got into the Plaintiff's Vehicle and impounded said car for being illegally parked. The Plaintiff then striked the defendant's patrol car by punching it, Emma Davies then pursued the plaintiff on fo
  15. My client, Gold The Great, requests for his name to be changed to: James Gold Anderson ID and Photo :
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