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    Daemon from a young age was an orphan who lived in the streets until he was taken in by former yakuza, afterward known as Daemon D Sasaki. His fierce loyalty to the Yakuza resulted in his willingness to do anything for the yakuza family but was not interested in their illegal activity. This means that he had a rather bloody lifestyle and past but he has been perfectly fine being the face of the iceberg to what would be a gruesome empire under the water. Due to the massive split in his lifestyle, past, and personality, he developed a severe case of borderline personality disorder (BPD) which caused him to be two-faced. Within the Yakuza empire (Mask on), he would hate justice and the people who would do harm to his family. In public (no mask), as the face of the Yakuza empire, he would hate gang activity and injustice. After being two different individuals in one body as far as he could remember, he decided to move away from the cause of the two extremist personalities. Moving to LS in search for a new life while trying to figure out who is Daemon

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  1. lDaemonl

    Texture Issues

    Easy fix for a big issue. I know sometimes I fall off the map because I think that part of the map is good and loaded in but I find myself falling through the map on my car forever.
  2. lDaemonl

    Increase gun prices

    Good point, I didn't even take into consideration the black market because of the topic that the discussion was based on. The thing is you only buy from the black market if you want something that the ammunation doesnt have and usually most non-legal civs don't run with micros/aps/mps. But good point, I just think the markets are not being used how they were intended to be used. Something also worth looking into if civ criminals are going to legal crims for weapons.
  3. lDaemonl

    Increase gun prices

    I feel as though people don't understand how "difficult" it is for non-criminal civs to make money for higher caliber ammunition weapons. I do believe they are "too cheap" for criminals but for civilians who are on USARRP to just be legal and be part of the ecosystem they are priced accordingly. The price is initially hard to get used to since when you are new to a city, because everything costs too much. As it should be since you have nothing but the starting amount. I believe that if there was a standard pricing for when civs "sell toy guns/water guns" it could be helpful but anything like t
  4. lDaemonl

    Grace Period

    I literally NOT EVEN KAPPING RN sat in q since 11:30 am to 3:30 pm to 11pm to get in finally then crash 3 minutes into the fivem server lmao. What else is there to say? lol. DC priority has to be implemented for sure. Im back to 21/21 in q.
  5. lDaemonl

    Post your internet speedtest here.

    I swear it's not what it looks like lmao. 3 is "as expected rating" lol 4 "better than expected" and you can guess 5. hahaha 1gb down and 1gb up is great. Made my day lmao... I'm dead, hahahaha
  6. lDaemonl

    Car engine randomly dying?

    Or sometimes the engine just turns off randomly. Did you try to /engine to see if it would turn on again? But gas is definitely the biggest cause of people getting stuck in random places out of nowhere.
  7. lDaemonl

    Small Chance to find keys

    I think this is pretty cool, if the car is open and closed there should be a very tiny chance of there being car keys within the vehicle after searching. Maybe 3% for open vehicles and .5% for closed vehicles? Just food for thought.
  8. lDaemonl

    Mods should be more strict on bad RP

    I don't think "bad rp" should be monitored and dealt with harshly because "bad rp" is very broad in a sense where anyone could be affected. Maybe bad rp in a sense where the individual constantly breaks character, forcing situations, and ruining immersion could a better way of pinpointing the origin issue. When it comes to the gang rp, it's clear that it's dull. I'm not trying to bash on any of the city gangs but there is no standard for gang rp and without any sort of lines to follow makes it messy. I have been in situations where anything you say to an individual makes them get heated and th
  9. lDaemonl

    Post your internet speedtest here.

    So is this the new centuries way of measuring their package size competition? PepeHappy
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