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  1. Misty

    CLASSY Attire for Ladies

  2. Misty

    Good samaritans with medical training

    Being a felon does not take away the knowledge you about about medications or first aid. This idea does take away a bit of RP from EMS but also adds a lot of realistic RP for the civilians. Felons are not allowed to be EMS because they cannot be trusted with active felony charges LOL. Felons are civilians too. SUPPORT THIS IDEA!! +1
  3. Misty


    This is so true. When criminals could work at Burgershot the RP was sooo much better. After criminals could not work there, either no one was working there or it was someone who just started the server which was a pain because they would say stuff which ruined my RP and others. Although it's not their fault but new people would get kidnapped. They would also get in trouble at Burgershot because they don't know what else to do other than get in fights with gangs or other people.
  4. Misty

    Fast Pull in Vehicles

  5. Misty

    Commercial/Business Property Suggestion

    I understand that could make everything easier but it also makes everything unrealistic. A business should only be dealt with from the state. Getting a business/commercial property from a realtor just makes everything unrealistic. Anyhow I do agree with you and it can sometimes be a task to get a judge in the city but it is just something we have to deal with to keep RP as realistic as possible. Being a judge is not the most interesting job in the city and we do have to consider that. All people want from judges is to expunge their records and get a firearms license which can be annoying. So I
  6. Misty

    Weight check?

    Should not be hard for everyone to renew them at MRPD or something 🤔
  7. Misty

    Weight check?

    It makes sense for a phone to weigh 3 pounds but paper should not weigh anything. It would make sense if they were stacked or something but alone it makes no sense for them to weigh more than the keys. It would be nice if the permits weighed same as the keys. Specially considering that you cannot get rid of the permits from your inventory. I feel like it affects the Role-play a little bit since the paper weight is so unrealistic.
  8. Misty

    Females in Tattoo Shop

    Yes like my friend was getting a tattoo yesterday and suddenly boobs are out.
  9. #JimmyJohn4Mayor @Jimmy John

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