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Kassidy Grey

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    Kassidy Grey moved to the city of Los Santos from Canada for a new start. Right now she is just enjoying life & getting to know her way around for a bit before she decides what she wants to do career wise.

    Kailynn Smith flew into town on Jan 11th 2020 when she found out about her cousin ADA Dominic Raymond Coffee's murder so she could be by her brother Sam Merr's side & support him during his time of need.

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  1. Kassidy Grey

    Doctor Pay Raise

    Dang girl, we gotta get you working more to get some more vehicles. Or do some jobs outside of working like hunting, fishing. I've only bought 2 vehicles, everything else was given, bought or won.
  2. Kassidy Grey

    Doctor Pay Raise

    He actually has 2 supers. T20 was his first car, he biked to work everyday to save up for it & he recently just got the Tyrant. However he does have something like 30 vehicles total
  3. She's a beauty!! Absolutely love this car 🥰😍20200812172724_1.thumb.jpg.3f1986ef1837aff83ae4c3a2d9eaa944.jpg

  4. Just sitting at one of my favorite thinking spots. Yes, I actually made it down the ladder this time 🤣



  5. Kassidy Grey


  6. Kassidy Grey

    Bank App on Phone

    Exactly what OnlySlays said. The robbers could very easily put the money they get from the robbery into their account & then transfer it to everyone on their phone app. It would get abused & would be something that is on the harder side to enforce regarding rules around it.
  7. R.I.S.P Zaney!! I miss you 😔
    #JusticeForZaney 💛❤️🧡💜💙


  8. Kassidy Grey

    Good samaritans with medical training

    Exactly Jafari, & that definitely is something that would be hard to enforce within the community. Basic first aid usually doesn't teach you bandaging anyways, it's mostly cpr etc. At least when I had basic first aid we definitely didn't get taught how to bandage someone. We covered infant & adult cpr. & even if the civs do bandage a patient, we as ems still need to examine the wound to see how severe the patients injuries are. Gauze & holding pressure would be great because then we don't have to take the time to cut the bandage off, we can just take the gauze off easily & check. Gauze & holding pressure definitely doesn't need basic first aid thing.

    Helped Ross with training a new proby today. This was our second mock call. 

    After we did that, I got trained & am now an FTM for LSFD 🙃




    Ross was inside the bed 🤣


  10. Kassidy Grey

    Good samaritans with medical training

    Actually I did read it, I still don't like it. You yourself said it would possibly take from ems/police. Now you're saying it won't? Make your mind up Valerie. As per your other comment about joining EMS............. You did apply, got accepted & resigned before you even had training.
  11. Kassidy Grey

    Good samaritans with medical training

    What do you mean? Ella is on almost every night. But with the city scuff the past few days there's been no point in joining
  12. Kassidy Grey

    Good samaritans with medical training

    There's actually quite a bit of EMS on during the day, it's night time that there isn't many. Secondly, If EMS doesn't allow felons to be medics, why allow felons to be "street medics"? Nor is it realistic. Yes, Dr's & EMS have been known to become felons, they are also not allowed to practice medicine at that point & if caught they would be charged & sent to jail. So allowing a felon to do a job that realistically wouldn't even be allowed makes it 100% non realistic. I personally don't like the idea & it takes away from LEGAL work for the ones who do want to be legal. -1 for me.
  13. Kassidy Grey

    Ambulance spawning outside unused hostpial

    Very good point.
  14. Kassidy Grey

    Quantity of Grenade Objects

  15. Kassidy Grey

    Ambulance spawning outside unused hostpial

    I personally think they got to go. They're taking up resources, we can't use them, I believe you can be banned for stealing them too so what's the point of really having something we can't use or do with?
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