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  1. Isper

    2v1 for Cops too

    Funny, I've seen people who play crim do things they should have been banned for and get away with it too.... Its also doesn't mean it wasn't dealt with, maybe not just in front of you. Again, this argument can go back and forth all day. There are times when there is like 30+ Cops on and yes some situations get super over crowed, which is again why we as Command Staff try and limit units so its fun and fair where were can. And these are the only time anyone seems to be reflecting on., when there is a huge number of cops online. What isn't g
  2. Isper

    2v1 for Cops too

    Trash, the argument you are using, can be turned around and used about crim players as well. If someone is liked who’s plays cop, they are treated completely differently. there are always going to be people who dislike each other, that will never change. Also, if your claiming you know 100% people are using ooc issues in Character, then that needs to be reported. I will fully admit there are people in this community I’m not a fan of at all. With that being said, I still treat them fairly IF the rp was good and it’s not a salt mine the minute they get arres
  3. Isper

    2v1 for Cops too

    you admitting right here that you shoot when there are less cops, which is exactly what would happen 99.9% of the time of this were a thing. there are things we do as command staff to try and limit units on certain scenes and make it fair. But your rp and image you have created for yourself has a lot to do with it as well. If your someone or in a gang know to shoot and attack cops, why would I put officers at risk by pulling units off so you have less targets to shoot? Maybe try comming up with some original ideas for robberies rather then “I have a hostage, I want fr
  4. Isper

    The People V. Zane McClain

    Anytime later in the day is good for me
  5. Lennox Carmichael @jay17 will be representing the San Andreas State Police in the matter, any questions, comments or concerns can be directed towards him.
  6. Isper

    The People Vs. Zane McClain

    I am available for the next 5 days anytime after 1300hrs EST
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